bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
Day one of Landmark "Wash My Brain Fest 2006" Forum was yesterday and today is day two. Of course, we've already bonded with a couple other skeptics over margaritas at El Camino at dinner, taunting the others in the room who had voluntarily adopted the "recommended rule" of no alcohol. Suckers! :)

Impressions are still on hold for now, but it's pretty interesting so far. pugetive, yes, we did get the short waxy-faced man. His laugh is delightfully creepy. More soon!

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Completely off topic, but this is a snippet of a job op that came into my email this morning:

"Would prefer ability to work on-site with the team (known internationally as “The Busters” or “Los Busters”) at our Los Angeles studio, but off-site artists are fine too. The important thing is that you have the skills and the passion and at least two telekinetic abilities."

I don't trust anything that start with 'The'

Several of my friends are into Landmark. I've tried to find info on it via internet. There is a documentary about them that is supposedly eye opening. It is public domain, too bad that it suddenly disappears as soon as it is uploaded.

Here is the best sources I got in a 20 minute search...

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