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Mug shots
bird poops on plum branch

Originally uploaded by Buster Mcleod.

It's fun to take mug shots with this old polaroid that Maggie is lending to me. See the full set here. I just bought more film so I think rounds two and three will be coming up shortly. I need a good way to display them though... anyone have any good ideas? What about a string with little clothesline pins? Linda's has that board of polaroids with those little picture corner things... metal and a bit ornate. Where do you get those?

Next time you're over at my house, remind me to take your picture.

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oh, i thought you just posted these so that i'd be prep'd on who my new friends are gonna be. thanks.

yes, these are your new people! i need to start collecting signatures too. signatures are very important.

you can get them at a craft store (ben franklin, michael's). that's where i bought some before anyway.

did you get a scanner?

no, i just used the macro setting on my camera. it didn't work that well, but only because my hands shake and the photos are a bit reflective.

oh, I think you did a good job! photographing polaroids is hard.

the person in this photograph appears to be using a false identity.

is the shadowing the polaroid or your digital photographing of it? either way, it's neat.

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