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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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True or false questions
bird poops on plum branch

True or false? Great people are like galaxies. Their hearts are big black holes pulling everything in.

True or false? I want to drink 5 gallons of water in one sitting.

True or false? Black holes pull in their nearest stars and destroy them. But before that, they squeeze them into tiny balls of light which you can see from much further than you could ever see them before.

True or false? Good ideas and mania are related.

True or false? You can't get enough of Lindsay Lohan. You need new shoes.

True or false? Great peoples's big black hearts are what allow them to squeeze out so much light. They're under such terrific and terrible pressure to try to escape their own darkness that every atom becomes a fireball before it's put out.

True or false? I didn't have anything to drink today. But I did order an orange juice at Vivace and that was weird. It said fresh o.j. but it tasted like QFC juice. Sunny D.

True or false? Galaxies and sponges are similar.

True or false? One of your beliefs is that some of your beliefs are wrong.

True or false? You feel like you're destined for greatness but aren't sure how greatness is going to come?

True or false? In order to succeed beautifully, you need to be prepared to fail beautifully. And maybe it’s the beauty of failure that lures you so close to it that you are able to succeed.

True or false? lele and terrajen aka thelmaandlouise are somewhere in Atlanta.

True or false? There is a third option. Life is meaningless.

True or false? At the end of your life you'd rather leave with a question than a statement.

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True or false? At the end of your life you'd rather leave with a question than a statement.

Can it be an answer in the form of a question?

There you go again.

See, you can't get away from that "life is meaningless" stuff.

- Josh

1. possibly true...
2. possibly false, but you never know with you...
3. true? at least for the purposes of this blog, it shall be seen as true.
4. often quite true, but also the reverse is true (wait, is the reverse "good ideas and depression are related"? in the case of songwriting and many other forms of writing, this is often true. but is the reverse "bad ideas and depression are related" or "bad ideas and mania are related"? both also often true... I don't think we're coming to any conclusions here...
5. who? what? why? false.
6. possibly very true
7. I'm guessing true
8. everything is similar. and different. so, true. but not false. dichotomy vs. irony, who will win?
9. true
10. VERY TRUE, this has been a theme lately
11. not sure about this one, maybe
12. don't know but if so, I wonder if they went to Six Flags?
13. false. it may just have a meaning which is uncomprehendable through the scope of, well, life, and therefore often appears meaningless. or, it may just have a meaning of which none of us approve.
14. I wonder if I would...?

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