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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Lift off
burning balloon

Lift off
Originally uploaded by erikbenson.

The first weekend as Buster McCloud McLeod was fantastic! It set a great pace. The first day (Friday) was spent in pristine spiritual, moral, and social cleanliness, not unlike a newborn babe, having wiped the slate clean with the new name and having no ill deeds or unfortunate blemishes on record. Google only registered 30 results for "buster mcleod", my primary competitor being a reverend. Since then, a lot has changed. There are now 68,200 results on Google, and the weekend was one of sex, drugs, hot air balloons, porn, bunnies, and corn. But I still haven't lied, cheated, or stolen. Gotta leave something for next weekend I guess.

The only things that got documented were the hot air balloons and the bunnies, which you can check out the "buster balloon fest 06" tag on flickr.

The hot air balloon trip was so great. It was great being 1,200 feet in the air with some of my favorite people, floating with mixing emotions of fear, calm, inspiration, smallness, and greatness all at once.

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that's what leanne said too... i haven't seen the show but think i can out buster this buster with some practice.

now there are 129,000 results!

I loved this weekend. I miss my bunny.

And then it went from 140,000 back to 118,000. Buster is gaining momentum!

Do you think that the Rev. Buster McCloud is sad that he's not the most famous Buster McCloud anymore?

yes, of course he is, but since he's humble and long-suffering and going to heaven i'm sure he considers it a draw overall.

What if you became a reverend, too? Would you win then?

The balloon pictures are amazing! What a great way to celebrate a new you. Another good way to celebrate would be to go on a roadtrip with Tickle and Buffy! :D

I would love to join Tickle and Buffy! If I had not just in the last couple months used over 40 days of vacation I would totally be up for it. You know I would! Ahh!!

you spelled your name wrong, mcleod!

- Tickle McLeod

oh yeah, i did! hee hee. um, as tickle, are you the tickler or the ticklee? and did you decide to drop the 's'?

i am both the tickler and the ticklee. i dropped the s because lunarbull thinks that Tickles McLeod sounds like a JOKE. wha.

a joke? clearly he does not know us well--we never joke. joking is for clowns and clowns are scary. no joke. actually, joke would be a good first name. now i've said joke too many times and don't even know what it means anymore.

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