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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Foo Camp?
I need some nerd advice. I got invited to Foo Camp this year (an invite-only agenda-free geek festival held each year with some of the brightest minds of my corner of the internet) and I've always wanted to go but now that it's coming up (not this weekend but the next) I'm feeling a little travel-weary and money/motivation-low. Have any of you gone, or do any of you plan to go this year? Would I lose my nerd-cred if I didn't go? Helpme.

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Aren't you always saying "accept all offers"?

Hm, yes, I guess I am! Thanks!

Oops, wait, I mean stay here! ;)

I am just kidding. I think you should go, Erik, since you've always wanted to unless you absolutely can't afford it. It's only a weekend, right?

i know nothing about this, but i say go. you can be weary later.

(Deleted comment)
i'm guessing you won't feel so weary in a week.

if motivation fails, send a surrogate.

I'm horribly jealous and I would totally love love love to go, so I have to say GO and report back.

Ironically, I'm working for the Travel Channel today...

I know the gift horse feeling, 'cause that's how I'm feeling about maybe going to Timbuktu.

Do you have to tell them right away? Can you tell them "maybe -- I just got back from a huge vacation"? You could have a nice, quiet, recharging weekend and then see if you're up to it next weekend, when you're feeling a little less world-weary...

Re: Ironically, I'm working for the Travel Channel today...

actually, i already told them i'm going. but it's free so i assume there's no penalty really for not going other than being a lame ass. and not getting invited again.

i think i'm going to be going after all though. two weeks is a long time to recharge. i think i just drank too much coffee in the morning and was feeling sluggish in the afternoon. :)

Re: Ironically, I'm working for the Travel Channel today...

Maybe works best, unless it'll put someone's grandmother out if you cancel... Even my Timbuktu trip is still a maybe, even though it's looking less and less likely that I'll actually do it.

dude, go, they need you.

You'd get more real nerd-cred from not going.

Only sell-outs go to Foo Camp (ie: I've never been invited)

the $$ thing is a tough call. i like how you said "money/motivation-low". the facts of where your bank account is at isn't something to ignore. but... will this event somehow make you money? I know that isn't really how one *should* think, but I'm assuming this is all well & good in terms of some future business connection something or another, right? and therefore, if so, it's an investment of sorts!? :)

anyway. just sayin i can relate to that part of it... as I'd love nothing more than to travel the globe & see music festivals, but alas... I have to remind myself I am not independently wealthy (yet) and therefore might want to be a little smart about where I'm spending my money and/or saving, etc.

keep us posted. :) xo

i'm going! and staying with eric case on thursday night. anything fun going on?

as for business connections... i don't really make those very well. but i'm sure there will be a lot of interesting conversations that could lead to new ideas and maybe one of those can make some cash money for our little rag tag startup. :)

this thursday? if so, my only plan is to try to get into the wolf parade show. :)

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