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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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San Francisco & Klamath River trip
bird poops on plum branch
If my mime camp retreat was all about going crazy in my own head, this last 16 day trip (which I just arrived from last night) was all about going crazy with people. It was all about the people. They came in waves and whirlpools and we all swirled and smashed around and the only way to survive was to tighten the straps on your life vest and let it all roll over you.

Here are some pictures:

Maggie, my lovely travel partner for the first half of the trip
My travel partner

Leanne, my business partner, inspires happiness (?) in sad hipsters
Happy Hipster

And tries to get close to a gross dreadlock
Leanne finds a gross dredlock at the Hemlock

SF peeps rocking out at the Hemlock
Rocking out at the Hemlock

15 people at pre-Rock Paper Scissors tapas
Team Tapas

I beat Harry in a $100 first-to-10 Rock Paper Scissors death match

But then I lose in the first round of the real match
Me, before I lose in round 1

Sharon wins! Her prize, a "That Was Easy" button!
Sharon's rock paper scissors victory

Went to the Tonga Room with Jim, Michelle, Tristan, and Maggie
Jim, Michelle, and Tristan at Phoenix Hotel
(And also stayed at their house several days during the second half of the trip)

Harry shows by example how to rock out at one's own birthday
Harry rocks out on his birthday

The ladies fall in love with this man on the wall
The ladies love this green faced man

With Jim's help we create our own photo booth
The photo booth was broken (perturbed)

Pizza delivered to the hill in Jim's backyard
Pizza on a hill in Jim's backyard

Peaceful kayaking in our inflatable ducks
Relaxing at the end of day one

I pretend to be master of this giant whirlpool that almost killed me
Me at the whirlpool

We attempt to surf this crazy wave
Surfing a wave

We survive class 4+ rapids
Surviving Hell's Corner

More pictures from the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament…

The rest of my pictures from the trip…

It was so great seeing all of you SF peeps, and meeting so many new interesting people, and hanging out with old friends I haven't seen in years. The raging river became a metaphor for so many things during the rafting trip. The force of time, learning how to trust (and effectively navigate) powerful undercurrents, playing in the waves and holes and whirlpools, relaxing during breaks, etc. So many great conversations, new ideas, and fresh inspiration for the next chapter of craziness coming up.

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the kayaking trip looks like it was amazing!!! great photos. it was fantastic to have you guys out here. i look forward to the next encounter...

jess! you were an amazing and generous host and i had a GREAT time hanging out with you during our stay. especially memorable were sad hipster/happy hipster, the chelsea place, and your secret attempt to subvert the rps tournament with "ken". :)

maybe you should plan on coming up here late september for leanne's "welcome home" party. i'm going to start planning it real soon.

i have SFO to SEA on fare watcher...

awesome. life is turning into just one big planned social event/adventure after another. it's tough being us. :)

i am SO glad i missed that dreadlock!

i remember thinking it was a rug or something and actually touching it, before realizing what was going on. ew!

i can't believe how badly my face is reacting to the gross dreadlock in that pic! hahaha.

this-- I beat Harry in a $100 first-to-10 Rock Paper Scissors death match-- is a terrific photo! well done! the rapids look like a roaring good time, too.

that particular picture was actually taken by the great photographer ldandersen. i love it too. i heard you had some wild water adventures of your own. a top 5 day, eh? what are the other 4? :)

It was great having you in town Erik! Next time I think I need to plan for your visit by sleeping for a solid week though :-).

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