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Buster Benson

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My calendar for the next two weeks
monkey paw
What: Friends, limos, rock paper scissors tournaments, birthdays, madness, and screaming portion of the trip
When: Saturday, July 29th to Sunday, August 6th
Where: San Francisco

What: Roadtrips, rafting, friends, and splashing portion of the trip
When: Monday, August 7th to Saturday, August 12th
Where: Oregon's Klamath River

What: Dirt, exhaustion, sunburns, and icees portion of the trip
When: Sunday, August 13th
Where: I-5 driving back to SF

And then back here. I predict craziest 16 days ever. I hope to see you. I won't have much email contact, so call me if you are within 100 miles of me at any point.


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