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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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A food for my people: SUSHI MEATBALLS
bird poops on plum branch
interimlover suggested the title of this post last night at twozdai's art opening when I explained my mixed Swedish/Japanese heritage. It's genius, and it's going to happen! Great show last night Twozdai, thanks for the painting discount!

I sort of love the IRS. They are so beautifully inefficient, but also so used to madness and confusion that it's not necessary at all to really be organized even in the least. I don't keep W2s, or even tax returns lying around, and everyone says you need them but almost always I can just call them, be pleasant, and they will explain to me how I need to keep this form and that form and fill in this box and that box next time, and attach this compliance form, and staple my soul in box 12, and schedule X through elephant on the submarine sassafras columns and this won't happen again. And I thank them, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP, and they fix it over the phone and I roll blissfully unorganized into the next year of quiet desperation. Though, I may start keeping forms just for the aesthetic value of being a person who does such things. Mix things up, try something new, paint my van.

Anyway, today I woke up and screamed, half-delightfully, half-giddy, "I owe the IRS $17,000! And today's the last day to figure it out!" I then dug up that notice, called, used a few choice word combinations that monstermishmisu used on this previous post like non-taxable return of principle and I dropped the d-i-v-o-r-c-e word for sympathy and poof, I'm now square with them.

In other news, my hair is blue now. I got this color by asking which color NOBODY ever chooses. This one was called "Fish Tank" which might explain the lack of enthusiasm (in most people) for the color. Me though, I love fish, and I love tanks. Boom! And, perhaps subconsciously, I might have secretly wanted to turn into an anime character from my homeland.

Here's the plan: arrive in SF, trade compliments and alcohol for couches, roll in grass, don't sleep, paint the bushes red, high five, eat a lot of food, go to Promsumating, Rock Paper Scissors, harryh's birthday bash, explosions, higher highs, lower lows, 100 new inventions, 10 1-on-1 conversations of very important topics, rallying the people, being rallied by the people, burritos in little parachutes raining down from the heavens, and unending laughter until our bellies grow to the size of watermelons, detach, and roll over the cliffs into the ocean. Sound good?

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we basically wrote the same post today.

that's because we're basically the same person. :)

you're singing in cars, i'm weasling out of incredible debt, but the spirit is the same. i've been laughing in my head lately about this rock, paper, scissors tournament we're going to hold. i think it needs to be a bit improv. i'll bring giant butcher paper, and people will sign up, and we'll draw a little tree with single round elimination and make people play wherever they are, maybe over the course of days, and the winner will get a coupon for all sins being forgiven in the giant sorbet in the sky.

can we go here, please please please? I've always wanted to. it's a fancy tiki bar in the Fairmont hotel that has a lake in the middle of it and a band floats around in a canoe while they play and sometimes there are fake tropical storms. WHAT.

awesome! yeah, let's go there, and find a way to get on the boat.

I want to go with you b/c I don't think Harry's been there, and that place fucking rules. Last time I was there was with Spencer after the Madonna show a few years back and we got super tanked off Scorpion Bowls and dirty danced to "Can't Get You Out of My Head", the lounge version, as performed by the band on the island.

That place will live up to all your expectations, I guarantee it.

So don't go Friday/Saturday while I'm gone!!

how about sunday night?

Dude, if you guys go to the Tonga Room you have to let me know. That place is creepy in a wonderful, wonderful way.

i'm trying to rally for sunday night. does that work for you?

Hmm--may be in Sonoma on Sunday, although that may not preclude me going in the evening (might just mean I arrive drunk--LOL). I'll let you know...

dude... as another member of the rare Swedish-Japanese breed, I propose that our official drink is sake-aquavit (sakavit, perhaps??) garnished with lingonberries.

YES! I like sakuavit. I'm going to order it tonight. At the IKEA teahouse. Let's go!

1. awesome hair
2. whoah- when's harrys bday bash and why don't i know about it!!??

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