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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
My hair has gotten a little out of control. Exhibit A:

I call it the two-layer cake. My japanese roots are pushing out my arian dead ends. Anyway, today I am going to the hair store for a new color. At first, I was thinking that I should just plan my exit from this color madness and go back to a darker color that can grow out without looking like a cake head. But today doesn't seem like a day to do that. Today seems a little like a day to double down. But what does that mean?

What color should I go? Options include but are not limited to:

1) I could just re-bleach it and be blonde again (old man grey is too fleeting to really bother with anymore)
2) I could re-bleach and go to some other more permanent color (see appendix)
3) Just add some color frosting on top of the two-layer cake, like color sprinkles (see appendix)

Appendix: The 12 Emotion Wheel
A) Lucky Blue
B) Creative Turquoise
C) Passionate Green
D) Logical Olive
E) Risky Yellow
F) Sensitive Goldenrod
G) Healthy Orange
H) Intuitive Tangerine
I) Wealthy Red
J) Aestheticly Pleasing Maroon
K) Visionary Purple
L) Admirable Violet

Or, M) Mysterious Other.

Advice please.

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granada blue would really be best. maybe i should bring in paint samples of my wall to show them what i want.

wear your granada blue shirt to the appointment.

wealthy red. as befits a man of your stature. and also a firetruck.

then i could run around and squirt hot people with water and throw drinks on them.

I'm also all for red or marroon. I had yummy delicious Vampire Red hair for years and years, until I moved into a place with a white bathroom. Warning -- if you have any yellow or olive undertone to your face, maroons and magentas will look a little strange next to your skin. When my [Korean] friend Yeji had red hair, the yellower reds worked better for her. Then again, you're a guy and probably won't notice new weird complexion issues.

go to the hair store and tell them to do whatever they feel like doing. no rules! str8 hood! that always seems to work for me.

oh yeah, i didn't list that option! i could order the color the same way i get free drinks at neighbors... by asking for the color that NEVER gets ordered. they can get rid of some old color that's been sitting in the back room since 1990.

i'm liking intuitive tangerine. please, nothing sensitive. it's summer-- there's no time for sensitivity.

agreed! although, being sensitive is really only bad when you only feel negative sensations. which tends to be the general interpretation of sensitivity. but when i'm at my most manic, i feel like i can read thoughts and body language as if they were written on the sky.

yeah? interesting. interesting. what does that ultimately do for ya? are you normally accurate in your observations?

positive, negative... i don't have time for either lately. i feel like a fucking bulldozer, ploying my way through every summer hour as if i don't have any other option. i'm wearing myself out, but it feels awesome.

yeah, it's incredible how much people make visible about themselves with indirect communication. we usually filter most of it out because it's not really that interesting unless it's someone that you are interested in learning more about, but yeah, it's as accurate if not more accurate than anything they say (it doesn't have the same filters that speech and etiquette usually have). and it works on yourself too. whenever you're not sure how you're feeling, just look at how you're sitting, which muscles are tense, how fast you're breathing, whether you're shielding yourself from people or facing them, whether you are making eye contact or not. there's a lot you can tell about yourself just by watching how you are acting... especially useful when having a difficult conversation or interaction with someone else.

i know the bulldozer feeling though. i think that's necessary in order to make new habits and not let certain negative things change your behavior too much. it's good to wear yourself out a bit, that leaves you open to higher highs (and lower lows). ever coming to seattle?

very curious. i'd never thought about a better understanding of the self through body language. i think about it all the time if i'm on a date, but never when i'm just trying to understand me. i like it. i'm donna try it.

seattle, yes! it's so totally on my list. is the summer season there about the same as the summer season here? as in, should i get up there before october?

yeah, september is one of the best months here.

one of my favorite things to notice is whether or not you're imitating the body language of the people you're with (close friends will sit similarly, and also change positions at the same time). but usually there is one or only a couple people who are "in charge" of the body language. it's interesting to learn when it's you and when it's someone else and why that is.

Risky Yellow! Would be good for a second round of Rock Paper Scissors!

Seriously, I'm not quite sure. Maybe you should go out and find some loudly-coloured suit, and get your hair dyed to match?

I'm already sort of risky yellow. Maybe that's why I won. :) But if all the magic was in my hair, you're going to have an easier go around this time. Speaking of... when can we rematch?

I don't know for sure. I don't think that we're going to be able to get together before you leave and I leave!

I can still send you the cold hard cash (in pennies, of course!). Otherwise, we can try to do the double or nothing on New Year's Eve... maybe make it an event?

You know, LJ has a poll feature.

Maroon is my favorite fake hair color on girls, so maybe I would like it on you too.

ohhhh can't wait too see what you chose. we need talk soon about next weekend. hell, maybe i'll call you now. i might need to send y'all keys to my place.

greens and blues fade to weirdness

and i'm not sure of the difference between healthy orange or intuitive tangerine but i like that color palate area. it's worth the bother of bleaching and then coloring...plus it's fun and festive and like the sunshine i hear has been beaming down on seattle.

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