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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

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a simple question about time
bird poops on plum branch
Poll #752490 A simple question about time

If you have a date next Wednesday, and it is "moved forward two days", which day is it now on?


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it's not that simple...forward to me means the future but maybe they meant "earlier." who are you going on a date with, anyway? :)

that's why i made it a poll! :)

yeah, i thought the answer to this question was obvious, but i read an article that says that it depends on if you see events from an ego-centric perspective (it moves towards you), or a time-centric perspective (it moves away from you). also, your metaphor can change if you're primed beforehand. some people might say "we're coming to the end of the year" which primes for the ego-centric view, and others might say "The end of the year is approaching," which primes the time-centric view.

another direction to consider is up and down. you can move dates up, but it's not as clear what moving it down means. time is so silly.

so is Friday an ego-centric answer or a time-centric one? I'm confused now. I actually picture time as a yellow brick road that I am proceeding down, and death is the Emerald City. Is that weird? That's the Wizard-of-Oz-centric model.

it's the time-centric one.

time-centric: time moves forward on the timeline. your position is irrelevant.

ego-centric: you move forward on the timeline and things come towards you. time faces you.

there is one language in the world where they refer to the future as being behind them and the past as being in front of them. and some people think the greek used to think of it as walking backwards into the future because you can see the past but not the future. and still others were scared by the monkeys in the wizard of oz.

I am having a hard time conceptualizing ego-centric time. Weirdness.

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