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Tapes 'n Shorty's
bird poops on plum branch

tapes 'n tapes
Originally uploaded by joshc.

Totally random but after the show last night we ran into the Tapes n' Tapes dudes at Shorty's. They were super nice and not NEARLY as drunk as us. They had noticed our loud yelling and loud dancing from the drunk section during the show too. Unfortunately, most of the crowd was crickets and tumbleweeds.

Here's what we look like normally, when we're not posing for a camera.

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oh goody, for some reason I thought the camera belonged to one of the tapes and we'd never see that picture again.

nope, it was joshc's... too bad he's got 50 lj friends already, he seemed pretty cool. :)

There's always room for more lj friends!

I forgot to tell them to change their name to Tapes IS Tapes!!!! dammit.

i hope so! oh yeah, you should have told them. they seemed like such mellow and reasonable guys... i'm sure they would have seen the clear improvement it would be. plus, all their stationary would become collectible.

hey blue bird.

I remembered that I forgot because I am listening to the Islands and I was thinking about how I called that guy a baby and then I realized I missed my chance to make an ass of myself in front of some more rockstars. ha ha.

I forgot that some of those people are deleted accounts; so it's not really breaking my impromptu self-imposed rules to add more.

forgive my ignorance, what is a cricket?

you know... chirp chirp chirp... the sound of a really quiet crowd. i stole the line from an lj post by moomily because i thought it was clever and i can't come up with my own words.

hey molly, i heard you might be going to be in SF for the crazy reunion on july 31st or august 1st or whenever that is! is this true?

yeah dude i'm trying - i requested the time off but just have to wait now and see if i got it . . . hoping!

my nickname is cricket, or it was in highschool, because of a whistle i do that sounds just like a you-know-what.

plus, you hide in the grass. :)

correct. i'm an athropod and i sing with my legs.

i thought "cricket" was a term for preppies - you know cuz there are WASPy women named Cricket (or Muffy, or Bunny, etc)

let's clarify: she sounds like a cricket ON CRACK who can whistle at 100X the normal volume...

not really sad for jess.

The mental image of all of us walking around all night with those "normal" faces is really funny! Especially if it was just us and the band, and the rest of the crowd was normal-faced and crickety/tumbleweedy.

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