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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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f is for fox
Clever kids* are using a new ringtone in classrooms that's so high pitched that old people can't hear it. I just played it and I started barking like a dog. Can you hear it?


* Well, clever enough to figure out how to create high-pitched ring tones, but not clever enough to figure out how to set a phone to vibrate...

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I can hear it just fine. SO ANNOYING.

Bob and I can hear it, Ivan and Todd are deaf.

So sneaky. And irritating. I don't think I would hear it if I were doing anything else, though.

I can hear it from my speakers but I actually put it on my phone as a ringtone and I can barely hear it. Other people can, though.

I can't wait to play it on my phone while I'm on the bus with asshole babies. lol.

freaking hell that really hurt.


(except louder)

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