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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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everything is a button
bird poops on plum branch
The phrase "everything is a button" came into my head and it sort of made me laugh all weekend. But, what kind of button things are depends on what label you give it. Strangers can be "admire" buttons, you push the button by watching them and listening to their conversations. That's a simple button, but enjoyable if you're just out sitting somewhere and don't feel like engaging people more than that. If you see strangers as that kind of button then you will never engage them in a conversation on hot air balloons or slap them. But, they could be those kinds of buttons too. People (including myself) are generally pretty conservative in their button labeling, I think. You look at a door and you want to walk through it. You look at food and you want to eat it. People rarely try to walk into their food or eat their doors. But you could!

Also, I laughed at all the kinds of buttons I myself was this weekend. Regular at the coffeeshop button. New person at the party button. Drunk friend button. Stranger on the street button. Everything is a button! I'm going to start making different kinds of buttons, for fun.

monstermishmisu sent me this link because we were talking about lobster sex this weekend:

The hidden treat is the picture of a whale farting at the bottom.

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I like your button metaphor very much. Very useful. Speaking as a parent, pushing buttons is a very real fact of life. I am covered in invisible buttons which my kids seek out and push every minute of the day. The kids are also push-button operated. Sometimes, in fact, they pretend to have real buttons which I must touch to get them to do things, like a robot. It's a game. They pick up objects and pretend they have buttons which do things, like make things move, turn on and off, and make noise. I think we are all made, motivated, and controlled by buttons, some real and some that exist only in our heads.

i remember being a robot when i was a kid. you want me to clean my room? insert coin here (and i would hold out my hand and try to get a quarter... never worked though). the button metaphor is so ingrained in my sense of the world... i wonder if it helps or hurts us overall. i remember going to the zoo and seeing this huge elephant tied to his area with a little rope... and it was explained to me that the rope was originally a huge chain and the elephant learned that that restricted its walking circumference. after it understood that this is what the chain "did", the keepers could replace it with lighter and lighter chains and finally a rope because the elephant still understood that the rope meant restrainment. it never even tried to move outside of the circumference anymore. this is part of why i don't feel comfortable around crazy people too... i see them holding a pen and am not sure that they are limited to viewing the pen as simply a writing instrument like the rest of us. it could be a stabbing instrument. it's actually really easy to break into a house, just smash a window in with a rock or smash the door down, but there's safety in the fact that most people believe that if a window or door is locked, then it's not possible to get through it. but if people do consider breaking in, they still do it through a window or door... by not go in through the wall? it's all equally possible, but in our heads they don't have the necessary buttons and so we don't consider them as options.

aww, how come we didn't see any whales farting when we were at sea world??!

i read a bit more about it and apparently it smelled BAD. maybe it's better experienced through the internet. :) a whale burp, on the other hand, could make us rich (if it burped up some ambergis).

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