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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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the new apple store
bird poops on plum branch

Originally uploaded by neps.

Has anyone in New York see this in person yet? I like it a lot. You can see more pictures here:


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Seems kinda dumb that you can only see the logo properly from one direction. What kind of branding is that? It's like the old Powerbooks where the logo was upside down whenever it was open.

Having just the one entrance is weird too. What do you do in a fire? How are deliveries made?

in a fire you do the only reasonable thing a mac user need consider, you GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP.

that would've been pretty cool if they managed to build a three-dimensional apple that always had a bite out of it no matter which direction you looked at it from.

If anyone could figure such a thing out, it'd be them. I mean c'mon, at least make it a hologram or something.

Nah, you just make it rotate.

All you really need to do is see it correctly from the entrance.

I'm going this weekend. I'm mildly excited. More impressed that steve decided to foot the bill for the $2mil cube out of his own pocket, and negotiated in the lease that if the apple store leaves, he gets to take it with him. That's... something.

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