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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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higher highs & lower lows
dancing alone

i'm no t-shirt designer
Originally uploaded by erikbenson.

here's my silly t-shirt idea. don't make fun of my ghetto sharpie drawing. are there any expert t-shirt designers in the house?

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i like it.

most men lead lives of quiet desperation. i seek to lead a life of loud thrashing desperation.

exactly. do you think i should keep the text or get rid of it or do something else?

i like the text.

i want one to cut up and sluttify, pls.

maybe i'll just make the text smaller or something and use a different font. most of these will be in a raffle but i will have a few more on the side for sluttification purposes.

Oh, that is cute. I Iike it. are you going to make girl shaped shirts? please.
I am not crazy about that font though.

i think i will make girl-shaped shirts... but is it okay if they're black? i think they will all be black. and i'm not that fond of the text either... should i get rid of it?

yes, they can be black. just because it's for a girl doesn't mean it has to be pink or something. :p

yeah get rid of it!

okay. when do we start eating cheese and never stop?

I'm meeting karen at the pig at noon.

When can I get one? I like the font. You should make the Higher Highs BIGGER and lower lows smaller. Maybe on the back of the t-shirt. Black t-shirts please!

at the raffle! and unfortunately writing on the back costs too much... i'm breaking the bank as it is. :) but if you buy a ton of raffle tickets maybe i'll find a way to "make it happen".

Hmmm... does one raffle ticket = one shirt? I think that I'd really like a T-shirt!

one raffle ticket = one CHANCE to with a shirt. :) though, there's also a chance to win a ride in a hot air balloon.

What are the other prizes then? And will the balloon ride end in a horrible, fiery crash?

Are you familiar with the Pop Will Eat Itself song "Another Man's Rhubarb" that uses a similar phrase?

No time to whine in misery.
Let positivity shine
In a state of trance
Ideas advance and amplify the vibe
Reaching lower lows and higher highs
There's more than meets the eye
It's electra glide in overdrive
So kiss this guy goodbye

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