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dissecting the 15 ways to live longer
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Here are the 15 ways to live longer, according to Forbes:

1. Don't oversleep
2. Be optimistic
3. Have more sex
4. Get a pet
5. Get a VAP (a cholesterol test)
6. Be rich
7. Stop smoking
8. Chill out
9. Eat your antioxidants
10. Marry well
11. Exercise
12. Laugh a little
13. Lose weight
14. Manage stress
15. Meditate

2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 15 all seem to be different ways of doing number 14 (managing stress). 1 and 5 are results of number 14 (if you aren't managing stress and are depressed and unhealthy, you probably will adopt bad sleeping habits and have bad diet). 10 doesn't help you live longer... maybe your children. That leaves stopping smoking, eating antioxidants, exercising, losing weight... which are all health related. Healthy mind, healthy body. And stress is what kills us.

Also, they left off a couple of my favorite (and heavily tested with rigorous science) tips:

16. Drink more
17. Walk to work
18. Dress better
19. Take vacations in your own city

Link: 15 Ways to Live Longer [Forbes via Lifehacker]

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It should be Laugh alot. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Laugh at everything. Then have a big ole ugly cry.

I read this the other day and thought "Drink more" should be on the list too!

I do everything except for 10 and 15. I'm going to live forever.

There are actually studies that show happily married people live longer...not sure why.
I'm interested in why you think dressing better would help.


Number 1, while possibly correct in some ways, strikes me as a bit of a double edged sword in our sleep deprived society.

I'm also curious about #18.

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