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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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the first day back
crazy dance
There's no happier feeling than the first day after a really negative mood swing swings back. Today I woke up and every song that was playing on the radio resonated with me. I wanted to hear each one again so I could pay more attention and listen to how true the words were. And that led me to this new Flaming Lips video:

The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song Video

Have you listened to the lyrics?

If you could take all the love without giving any back
Would you do it?
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

And I wrote the silliest morning pages ever this morning, filled with ideas that enmicropedias and I talked about last night: how pronoia is simply an awareness that we live in a community that gains benefit by helping other people. The non-zero-sum gamedness of cooperation and love and friendliness. He's the second person to mention the "Destructive Emotions" book in the last week (euphorbia did as well). One more mention and I have to read it according to the zeitgeist rules, but I'll probably read it anyway. How prayer and intention manifestation are similar. How confabulation is both a blessing and a curse because we never really know when we're making something up. And it doesn't really matter. Stories aren't about telling the truth, they're about connecting dots and storing information. One of the best ways to memorize something is to tell a story about the information you're trying to remember. What are the implications of this though? If stories are our mneumonic devices, and we create stories to save information more than to reveal truth or solve problems, then maybe we should embrace the beauty of stories and let go of the pursuit of truth. Truth only exists as a meta-structure that holds stories together. It's a beautiful shape in our brains that lets us press all the stories at once and see how the paths light up like a galaxy of Christmas trees in our brain. Lies reveal themselves as inconsistencies (or the dead bulb that causes a branch of the tree to go dim). The desire to find truth is simply the desire to see the whole tree light up. But the whole tree can light up by using special effects and leaps of association and metaphors rather than facts.

If you knew all the answers and could give it to the masses
Would you do it?
No no no no no no are you crazy?
It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want
Because you cannot know yourself or what you'd really do

With all your power
With all your power
With all your power

I thought of a good birthday present for you all. A raffle that raises money for a big hot air balloon trip. The more tickets we sell the more people that can go on the hot air balloon trip, and the more people that win. Mutual improvement in action.

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I'm bored. Want to skip the rest of work today and go to the park?

cal anderson? sure! it's a bit cold though... i just walked through there and scoffed at the silly people on the hill pretending they weren't freezing. but also a little jealous. i want to play frisbee.

Oh is it cold? I haven't been outside since this morning. Let's play croquet and eat french fries with mayonaise.

Yeah, it's a little chilly. I saw a guy with the perfect gray hair. Frites sounds delicious, but I'm so stuffed on my Korean Hot Pot. We had lunch at the Kimchi Bistro in the Broadway Market--so delicious!

You should come by here around 5 or 6 o'clock and we'll go hang out at the park before meeting up with Lorna.

I'm stuffed on rice, beans and tortilla. all seperate. I've always wanted to go there but haven't gotten around to it. Do they have actual kimchee? I love that stuff. Did I ever tell you about making kimchee in biology? it was awesome.

okay! it will probably be closer to the six pm side for me.

hey! i want to eat french fries and play croquet!!

yay! can you meet us at cal anderson around 6 o'clock?

no... won't be done until 7ish... which is why i am bummed.

we can wait for you to get fries. what time could you be at the park?

I don't actually have a croquet set anyway...I was just wishfully thinking.

The desire to find truth is simply the desire to see the whole tree light up. But the whole tree can light up by using special effects and leaps of association and metaphors rather than facts.

I think this merits further rambling in whatever direction it wants to go...

i've started praying again AND intending at the same time; actually they sort of melt together sometimes. right this second brian's cat tazzy is missing, and i have found myself praying for her return and intending she return, and i go back and forth between making deals with god and telling god how it should go. does that work? guess we'll see. awww tazzzzz.

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