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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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interpret this
bird poops on plum branch
This is the gross dream I had last night:

It started with me tossing a penny into the air and this small sparrow catching it. It had difficulty flying and was trying to gain some altitude when a seagull came along and plucked the penny out of its beak. The seagull flew up about ten feet and handed it off to a third bird (black) who took the penny up to a small hole in the building's roof (I think it was a building near Westlake center) where a tiny conveyor belt was rolling into the building. The bird placed it on the belt and then my perspective went inside the building. It was Rick and LBJ’s going away party, they were moving to New York. Rick was showing us his latest movie which was actually the Wizard of Oz with subtitles from Man Versus Himself interspliced with words of his own writings. I remember there being multiple languages and symbols involved. They were making salads for the guests using the intricate bird machine. It was very complicated and factory-of-the-retro-future-like with all kinds of conveyor belts and tunnels and spinny things... I remember watching it process a couple watermelons... the belt was sensitive enough to know how to gently nudge the watermelons into a small basket. It also processed eggs, pieces of metal, and various other things that I have a sense of but can’t quite picture. Anyway, we were making salads and mine was shaped like a bowl of sorts and the final touch was to place one of the prepared eggs into the middle. Rick looked at LBJ and said, “Ooh, that never happens to me--it always happens to you though Laura Beth.” I didn’t know what he was referring to so I took the egg and plopped it into the center of my salad. It was only then that I realized that inside the shell was a tiny human purple baby! I dropped my salad and washed my hands trying to get the yoke off and woke up. Ew.

This beats my giant marzipan snowglobe dream that I was relating last night. And is a lot more disturbing that the penguin abduction dream.

Since I started waking up at 7am every morning my internal clock has woken me up at 4am instead. I think my internal clock is on east coast time.

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hey, it's four o'clock again!

oh man...I was thinking on my way to work, "I hope I never ever hear about that purple baby again." :(

Re: hey, it's four o'clock again!

yeah, me too... but the dream keeps on coming back to me. it gives me the shivers. or THE SHIVERS as owen meany would say.

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