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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
i saw a web den not big ago and it has a fun way to say how it is. the law of how it has to be is to gab in a 3 bit set gig. you dig? the way to say it is as now: mad ape den.

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i understood like 3 words of that post.

so you see, it can be not the big bit at all. i has to be the 3 bit set per jot. you dig? it has a way to set one as an ass. sup!

its like talking to laura beth.

thank you, thank you. ill be here all week ladies and gentlemen.

NO. is bad. can it now.

but why? it has the fun for one day. or may it be for all my day? ha ha.

It is fun for you to say but not so fun for us to see. and if you do it for all day I may say bye! ha ha.

do not say bye! i do not see how to NOT go on for the day, and on to the new day, and the new day, one, two, etc. i <3 the 3 bit set fun 4 eva! too bad it is so not a bit of pie to do... but i may get set on it. :)

oh, and one fun guy did say this:


Zip. God: "Lux!" And, zap, lux!


God: "Sky! Yay!"


Sea is all. God: "Nah. Zap!" And we got sea and not sea.


God put up a sun.


God: "Hmm. Eel and gar, jay and hen!"


God: "I say... ant. And bee! And cat and dog, etc." And so it was. God: "Ah, yes. And man!" (And Eve, too, out of the rib of the man.)


God: "Yay! I am God. It is not bad, is it, the job I do?" Zzz.

the bit about god is fun. is "eva" in the OED? it may be a bad one to use. and <3 too. You are a bad ape.

yes i am a bad ape but it's ok.

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