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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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slurpees, polar bears, buttons
dancing alone
It seems like about 20 people or so are updating the morale-o-meter a day... I think that's pretty cool. My favorite part is finding out who the craziest person is (according to my wacky algorithm). People have been asking for two things... one, that they are allowed to add arbitrary categories that they want to track, and two, that they want to have some kind of daily email so that they can remember to come back and update their chart thing. The first one is difficult and since I just had a couple spare hours today I decided to do the second. If you sign up or log in now, there will be a field to the right that asks for your email address. Anyway. Butterflies are still jerks.

Who has a car that they can lend me for a road trip in June? I think I want to drive up and down the coast... and maybe swoop over to Yellowstone and a few other parks along the way. I really wanted lehrtocke's mini, but first of all he never said yes and second of all it's a stick shift and I'd rather take an automatic. I want to listen to books on tape and watch meteor showers at night and sleep on the floors and couches of friends around the country. I want to get lost and scribble in a diary that then gets lost in the trash on the passenger side and falls out of my pocket onto the side of some interstate when I'm trying to root around for a map. I want to get bitten by a raccoon and spill slurpee on myself and roll around in tall grass with a jug of wine singing the blues.

There's a lot coming before then though. I want a polar bear at my birthday but Vladimir the Bear hasn't written back to me yet. I don't know what I'll do without a singing polar bear. Oh yeah, there will be buttons around a new personality test that I'm making (along the same lines as Myers Briggs but better and more for lost souls. For example, one dimension is hot ←→ smart. Yeah, I know you're both... but which one are you MORE? And I've got about 3 other dimensions that I'm still working on. I need something good for the single/taken dimension: slut/prude, player/hater, ...? Let me know if you think of any good ones. mizrobot suggested this button site... but it looks like they need a minimum of 100 per button. I'll be designing 8 different buttons for a total of maybe 200, but not sure if they support that. Any other good button making suggestions?

My new diet is to not eat dinner unless it's a fancy dinner. Threshold for fancy is, at the moment, $30/person. I started this last week and so far haven't really done a good job... except for once when it was on nishushan's dime because I won a bet with her. This is also designed to play well into my financial diet as I'm too spoiled to not continue having nice dinners and drinks, and think the only way to support my fancy lifestyle is to raise the bar and cut out all the middle parts of my lifestyle.

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(Deleted comment)
my therapist wants to use the morale-o-meter and maybe let other patients use it...

what do you think? should i give it to her? it could change the whole crazy curve.

p.s. ruxxell can make your buttons.

oh yes PLEASE let her and all of her patients use it. that would be the best thing ever.

i have to wait until next thursday to tell her the address. she asked me to write it down last time, but i forgot.

yay. that will be so great. so we'll be able to see her morale? will her patients care that all of us can see their morale on the internut?

? we can hope. they shouldn't mind too much since we all have fake names, right?

hi erik!

p.s. where do you list the morale-o-meter crazy prizes?

on each day's page:

which is a little difficult to get to, but just click on dates and it's usually there somewhere.

yay! i won monday, and indeed monday a very crazy day for me.

Your diet plan is brilliant.

Also, you should come to Mind Camp.

(Deleted comment)
you've changed your mind? are the existing categories enough?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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