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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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hire me as your life nemesis
bird poops on plum branch
I always come up with good ideas at the gym. I generally don't consider my workout complete until I have a good idea. Because for some reason I sense an internal motor in my body that hums along at a certain rate and some things (strangely, both exercise and alcohol) increase the speed of that humming and at a certain point my mind reaches its optimal crazy/ambitious/generous/creative mode and begins to churn out ideas. I live for that state. The weird thing is that they're almost always the kind of ideas that pretty much require that I stay in that state in order to execute on them. For example, my hotdog confession booth came from that state, and my secret project idea, and many of my bar ideas, and interviewing local celebrities, and slapping people, and relationship reviews, and oh so many other forgotten ideas. The worst part is walking home in the cold where my body gets out of crazy boiling state back into normal life state and I think, "Am I really going to do that? That sounds difficult." Normal state is boring and lame.

Last night my idea was to start a new industry around life nemeses. I've always had nemeses and I think they've taken me far. I have this suspicion that they're always doing something behind my back... better than me. And I get obsessed with catching up to them and passing them. I've learned over the years that I trick myself into having nemeses just for this effect... and that I really don't have anything against the person. I just need a vehicle for my competitiveness to stew and focus on. So, this new program would go something like you telling me what you're most passionate about in life. Then I would spend all my time trying to be BETTER at these things than you are, and to know more about them than you do and to get you off your butt because you realize that maybe an alcoholic amateur like me might give you a run for your money. I'll call you up and ask you if you knew about this and this and that and generally be a jerk and get you fired up to start doing more about these things that you're supposedly fired up about. What's passion without fire?

Who wants to hire me? I'll be cheap for a while. Also, who wants to be MY life nemesis? I need inspiration too...

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I will hire you just to hang around and say "nemeses". Nemeses. Nemeses. Nemeseeeees.

excellent. i'll send you an odeo every day saying "i am your nemeses. i am your nemeses. nemeseees. watch your back, matt, watch your back!"

ps. i'm glad you've moved to livejournal. it's where all the fun is.

> who wants to be MY life nemesis?

Perhaps the guy that started this.

he'll be my nemesis when he's the number one google result for 43... :)

Heh, I'd be much more concerned about 43folders catching up.

he was #1 for a long time... we actually only gained this slot recently (not that we were keeping track or anything). actually, merlin mann's a good nemesis but i think he actually doesn't like us... even though he was very nice in person when i met him a year ago.

i think i accidentally became a man's nemesis the other day. he always photographs the children, and then i started photographing the children, not because i had any profitable designs but just because i could, and then i think he thought i was out to edge him out, and then he really started photographing the children. like crazy. closeups right next to the stage, obstructing the view of the audience of kids, machine gun shutter style. i can't imagine how he was able to look through all those pictures later on. he got at least 1000 in an hour. i took maybe 30. but 30 was enough for him to fire up the afterburners. i felt bad at first, but a few hours later i felt like i had maybe done something good, gotten his blood pumping.

Normal state is boring and lame.

Amen, Reverend!

I've always thought life nemesisesses brought me much farther than mentors. Yet another brilliant idea!

Erik, although I don't want to be YOUR life nemesis, (I'd rather be your life cohort) I'm open to nemesisisisng someone else.

i was talking a lot about nemeses last night and i think everyone has a different idea of them than i do. for me, the essence of a nemesis is that they are very different from you but have something that you really really want. everyone else thought that it was fairly crucial that your nemesis actively have something against you personally. maybe i've never had a true nemesis... i just like to have someone to project my insecurities and jealousies onto... is that too much to ask?

yes, you're on my side... imagine if we were both somebody's nemesis... they wouldn't stand a chance! :)

I agree, it's mostly The Want.

The guy from college that was a brilliant painter that I pitted all my art projects against, that ex-girlfriend of my husband's that has a rockin' body, those are the folks that inspire me to get off my ass and get better at life.

dear erik -

I wonder: is this 43 things-based spam?

Or am I drunk?

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