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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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knucklehead mcspazatron
bird poops on plum branch
John Cage is the newest accepted applicant on my list of official heroes. I started reading his book, Silence, last night and it was like stepping outside after being hidden in Plato's damp cave all your life. I want to quote some of it when I get home.

I have been re-reading a particular chapter in What We Believe But Cannot Prove over and over the last couple weeks. It's mesmerizing... I'll have to quote that for you later as well. I've come so unprepared today... I'm sorry.

I think I've decided to abandon my ol' Type Pad blog since it was just confusing me about knowing where to write. People who are subscribed to that RSS feed alone should change to this LJ feed. This is really the best feed to be subscribed to though... if you really really love me.

I want to see this movie on Thursday, anyone want to join?
TV Party @ NW Film Forum (7pm?)
And then go to The Fruit Bats?

Upcoming shows and events I want to go to and which you should go to too:

1) Apr 29: Rock Lottery Benefit @ Neumo's
2) May 1: Cat Power @ Showbox
3) May 3: Sigor Ros @ Benaroya Hall (even though it's sold out)
4) May 21: Beat The Bridge Run
5) Way out there on August 18: Sunset Supper at the Market

Morale has been all over the place lately. From down in the dumpsters to up in the rafters to wiggling through the top soil. I don't know what to think of it... it's a bit troublesome actually. But brute force productivity is what usually brings me out of the funk so this weekend I did a lot of mindless productive things like reading, running, sorting, plotting, drawing, writing code, doing bills, editing movies, and researching future events (like Beat the Bridge and Sunset Supper). I have this running list of things I need to figure out in my life and it just keeps getting bigger. I should codify the rules and assign them points.

I hope I don't go too bad crazy this week. I need to channel that energy into good crazy. Good day!

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I want to go on Thursday. Also Band of Horses are playing Thurs the 13th.

yay! todd's going too. i think i want to choose a month (maybe june since may is sort of crazy) and go to every event on kexp's featured event calendar. that would be fun eh?

It could be fun or it could be horrible. I guess there is only one way to find out.

sometimes it's most fun to take on the horrible as a crazy project.

that sounds both miserable and brilliant, which means i fully support it. if you're down for a spanning_time guest stint, i think that's a more than worthy experiment.

damn, replied to the wrong comment.

did spanning_time go to alpacapalooza this weekend? i considered it for a brief moment but gave in to having a long breakfast instead. i think i'm off the email list but i'd like to stay on if possible...

can i write it up on seattlest? :)

i did indeed go to alpacapalooza. didn't send an email this time around though, since i never really had a plan in mind. not to worry, you're still on the list. here's the rundown:

1) if i ever throw an event that's far from other things, i will be sure to give directions that lead all the way to said event, not just to the general vicinity, at which time i'd leave potential attendees on their own to figure out the rest (with help from a coffee stand attendant)
2) alpacas are cute. really, really cute.
3) alpaca facts. there are no more alpacas being imported into the us, so breeding is where the action is in the market. they took their lessons from the llama imports, where they flooded the market and it crashed.
3) there was no funnel cake. how can you have an event at the fairgrounds and not have fried dough!?
4) sheep-shearing is calm. alpaca-shearing is not, and involves ropes around feet, holding them down, and desperate gutteral yelps from the animals.

i could be down. sounds interesting.

okay, i'll post about it again when the day comes... or, you can send me your email address (i'm erikbenson at gmail). you should also be coming to the hideout on wednesdays...

i'm (same as lj name) at hotmail.

Might i recommend, if you haven't read it yet, John Cale's autobiography What's Welsh for Zen. Fascinating character.

Also, I'll be SHOCKED if Cat Power actually plays that show.

ooh, that sounds fantastic. i'll get my grubby paws on it IMMEDIATELY.

also, true. but i like to be disappointed.

Yeah I of course always associate cale and cage. It's interesting on reading more about cale, though, to find out how completely hard core experimental he is at heart.

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