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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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butterflies are jerks
bird poops on plum branch
alpacas have smelly armpits. the sound of chewing is like the color red. anger is the flush of a toilet, and the blush of embarrassment. potatoes have twelve feet. orange, green, banana, Plato. Godel ate my Eggo. Bach has nice fingernails. i know how to play chariots of fire on the piano. white blazers are a lark. i'm going to lark tonight, and will order a bottle of wine or two and talk about talking. park it. nobody needs a new nanny. hi, friends, i'm feeling silly. good evening!

i have an hour or so to kill dead.

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You can come over here first if you are bored.

r u homing pigeon all ready?

silly is gooood. so good.

hey how can i get a 43 things t shirt? can i send a check?

omg, i feel so incredibly privileged! thank you!

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