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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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What's your best idea?
bird poops on plum branch
At SXSWi I asked a few people what their BEST IDEA was and got a couple interesting answers. It's an interesting question to ask people because everyone (especially at these conference things) SHOULD have a best idea sitting in their brain somewhere. But at the same time, what qualifies as "best"? A best idea should be ambitious, interesting, and possible.

Right now my best idea is to start a cult around self-destructive improvement. To bring self-help into the lost souls generation. This will be something that uses the internet's ability to track, communicate, and change peoples' behavior, something that exists somewhere between therapy and drinking buddy, and something that makes life more fun rather than taking away all the fun things. I'm currently looking into getting a life coaching certificate (they mostly all look like scams though), taking Toastmasters and dance lessons, checking out Landmark Forums, and throwing a crazy 30th birthday party for myself with the help of Seattle's brightest minds.

My second best idea is a taxi cab company from the future.

My third best idea is the hot dog confession booth.

What's your best idea?

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Hmmm... I'd be all over the idea of the improvement of self-destruction! When will you be holding classes and laboratory sections? Or will it be a correspondence course?

I'm thinking of taking on volunteers to be part of the development (as I figure things out). If you want, you can be one of the first volunteers. :) Get in now before it costs cash money!

What's your best idea?

My best idea would be custom-made food products ordered online. Describe your exact specifications for ice cream or cookies or brownies or whatnot into a website, and receive your order the next day. Of course, the time delay would make some things difficult, but you could branch off into any one of a number of different types of food.

And how about a bizarre food club subscription service? Start with the BBC's 50 foods that you should eat before you die list (prepared food, of course, since I wouldn't know how to cook shark), and move on from there. In a way, it would almost be like those "take and bake" dinners, except with... errrr... kangaroo and monkey brains. :)

And I'd certainly enjoy being a volunteer.

this sounds intriguing, but how to keep it from being only for the super-rich? I want custom food too.

meanwhile, the idea I had last night (aside from several best ideas which really only apply to me, such as "ditch Florida for a better state" and "engage in more sex and smooching")...

The How-To-Initiate-Romance Flowchart

I better get to work on that right away, seems like it could lead to a college dorm room poster rather quickly...

Actually, that's a great idea, but it would be even better to have flowcharts for all sorts of different regions / countries, translated into English. :) That would make a great poster.

The bizarre food subscription service would be more aimed at the kind of people that either can spend $20/person out in a restaurant, or tend to buy the prepackaged meals in Whole Foods. This, however, would be something that would more fulfill a niche, and would involve ingredients that you wouldn't even be able to find at Whole Foods.

The cookies idea? Well... that would be a little more expensive, but plenty of people buy certain types of food mail-order, and as long as you had a system where you could create all sorts of small batches at once, you could probably go pretty far with this. In fact, you could also probably build up a niche by offering cookies, etc. for people with specific food allergies.

my best idea is to stick with you, my guru. that along with club cams, taxi cams, mosaic mother mary made from birth control pills, farming 1/4 asian babies in a geodesic dome, homoconceptualism, saying yes to everything, having adventures forever instead of having relationships. that's my new favorite best idea. do i count as one of seattle's brightest minds? hope so.

p.s. erin wants to be IN on the board of directors.

p.s.s. i think that ramsey should be involved w/taxi cab from the future. also, i believe he is currently part of the landmark forum.

you're one of the WORLD'S greatest minds and you're definitely in. do you mean erin g?

yes, erin g. she wants to work at the bar.

yes, well part of your job is going to be recruiting bartenders and artists, so i'll leave it up to you.

ramsey is part of landmark forum? i gotta talk to him!

want his number? he loves to talk about cults. though he doesn't like the word CULT.

yeah, sure. text it to me. does he have email?

I'm not telling because you'll just steal it.

True. I already stole your gross warm pillow with a heartbeat and a pulse for the painfully alone:


I almost told people at work about this idea yesterday before I realized that it was too gross. Haha.

oh and also last night somehow i bumped into becky nagy and megan whistler from high school, remember them? i told them about self-damaging vs. self-sabatoging and they love it. you don't believe me, do you?

did you get to meet billetdoux at sxsw?

becky nagy! that's the person who i think told you something about me in art class which made you want me to be your friend instead of hers. am i right? i think all lost souls will love the self-damaging life... about 3 out of 5 people that i explain it to instantly understand and love it.

yes, i briefly met billetdoux... harry introduced us by saying, "you both love leanne", which was true. i only talked to him for a couple minutes though... i wish we would've talked a bit longer.

i think you guys should add "loving lele" to your interest lists.

i forgot what becky nagy said, but yes, i think you're right. she is really great. then and now.

I must be logged on to see that list.

You can't steal my ideas AND hate on them, jerkpants.


i'm not hating on them... i just get the shivers every time i think about it! :)

want to come over around 6 to grab a drink before andy's diner tonight? i think we should get over there around 7:30, and then on to the 9 pound hammer and ultimate fun. did you go to kincora's last night?

Shivers because the idea is so brilliant.

That sounds good. I'm going downtown right now to Birthday shop for my sis so I'll just come over after that.

Yes, went to Kingcora's for a bit. There was this really loud kind of annoying Irish band playing. Then we went to the Hideout for one drink. Then I went home because I was still feeling weird from Mexican Candy Overdose Fest 2006. Woo.

1. one date
2. web network map
3. clueless
4. spy agency

i don't know why you'd want to do landmark etc. cults are scams are boring

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