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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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night: city: people
bird poops on plum branch
(x) Monday: San Diego: Leanne, AMR, Matt
(x) Tuesday: Ensenada: Leanne, everyone at Papas & Beers
(x) Wednesday: Corona del Mar: Leanne, everyone at Landmark
(x) Thursday: Redlands: Mom, sis, and neice
( ) Friday-Tuesday: Austin: TBD (but lots of people I want to see)

It has been an amazing few days. I love waking up each day in a new city. And I love so much in between. Leanne and I had a great great time and we have some new big plans for the immediate future and also for the coming year (hints: airplanes, life coaching, bars, muppet dancing, dog walking, void finding, and more). Recovering with family and sushi tonight. My neice is finally starting to think I'm okay (not quite great yet though) and when Kristy was gone we immediately began jumping on beds, punching all the buttons on calculators, and weighing ourselves. Fun times.

I'm exhausted. Off to Austin tomorrow and can't wait to meet harryh, my never-yet-met roomie, all the recurring SXSW attendees of years past, and everyone else. If you see me there, say hello. I'll also be on using dodgeball...

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i miss you already! i had a great new plan about kidnapping brian with my sister's yellow jeep, but then EL GRANDE STORME came along and foiled it all. boo. dog walking is the next step, but i have to wait to R0X0RZ until the storm is over. check my flickr for EXCLUSIVO CLUB NAVAL!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo indie movie tortoise music driving forever.

no you must be confused... we experienced el storme grande in ensenada and it was wonderful. you must be experiencing EL STORME VENTE! 20 oz of storme. in any case, anything that delays our plans from unfolding is BALLZORZ.

turns out i don't have a room in austin tomorrow after all! looks like i'll be wandering around the city going "i have a favor to ask... CAN I CRASH ON YOUR FLOOR" ala sandy eggo once again.

Re: bylando com migo

you're not allowed to say BALLZORZ. please?
did you have a chance to see the imagined landscape exhibit at the oc art museum? do you need me to search for austin housing for you?

hi benboy. Matt as in Vandruff, the guy in your novel? how's he? Papas & Beers is where my brother wants to take me- does it live up to the hype? how is intention-manifestation working out for you? i am loving your schedule. i am hideously jealous of your rapid-fire travels.

no, we tried to find vandruff, but apparently he is hiding from us. sad.

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