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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch


Even though nothing exceptionally spectacular really happens to me, sometimes I am blown away by the weirdness of my life. There was a half hour period last night where I thought I had broken through the facade of the universe somehow and revealed the wacky machinery of themes, events, and meanings... as if it were all legos and lincoln logs. It was a good simple feeling, and I just had an overwhelming sense of how much fun living is. I was wandering away an hour waiting for Maggie to get home from work and thought I'd go pick up my coat that I had left at the Hideout the night before. But it wasn't there. I didn't much like that coat anyway and it was falling apart (at the seams). So, thought to go look for a new coat at Ian (a place that's too expensive for me, but always has something I like). Immediately saw the 75% off rack and a coat with a fur collar that reminded me of something Harold (of Maude) would wear (you can't really see it well from the picture above, but it's nice). And, since I was getting my hair colored old person gray the next day, I thought it would be fitting to incarnate a bit of Harold to balance it out. As you might know, old people are in my zeitgeist so anything that I want to do is more easily justified if I can tie it to something in my zeitgeist. And Harold-connections always help too. I was just listening to an Elliot Smith cover of Cat Steven's "Trouble" the other day.

Blue Bottle Gallery is right next door to Ian and I like it because it was the source of another zeitgeist element a while back, my "F is for Fox" painting. I look in the window and see, "I love Andy Warhol"... the name of a show opening tomorrow dedicated to Andy Warhol inspired art. And the guy who painted the fox painting (and who owns the gallery) will be one of the group show's artists. At the Suspicions show (which was awesome, by the way) I got to talk to two Andy/Edie fans that I rarely see (and who don't know each other).

This morning, dying my hair old person gray turned out to be closer to dying my hair Andy Warhol blonde. And this hair will also help me be all Rat Packy for Rick and LBJ's old fashioned wedding. Anyway. Now I'm exhausted... looking forward to the Lichtenstein (more pop art) opening at the Henry tonight but might utilize a nap first.

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if there is say, a postcard of a lichtenstein work, or something small, can you send it to me

three cheers! in one of my little circles of serendipity, we like to call this phenomenon "synchro-destiny"... but I like to call it "synchro-dipity" because that reminds me of ice cream, which is always a good thing. now the only question remaining is whether you're going to do your own cover: "'Cause I'm A Blonde (yeah, yeah, yeah)" by the white Julie Brown circa MTV of yesteryear... how about it? =)

New hair color muy bueno! Haha old person gray

the other connection is that rick's parents just walked into the gallery as i was reading this, and we talked about the old fashioned bridezilla wedding.

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