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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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intention manifestation + subconsious + zeitgeist + pronoia = 1 million dollars
bird poops on plum branch
I think I've hit on a crazy formula for a really weird but perhaps perfect philosophy for life.

We did a fun experiment the other day during office drinky hour at the brewery conveniently located downstairs. It was simply a matter of saying things out loud, things you didn't necessarily even believe, just to see how you felt when you said them. The first one was, "I am a highly emotional person." A few people in the office said it easily, a few others said it with more difficulty, and everyone seemed to have slightly different responses to saying it. Isn't it strange that we have difficulty SAYING things that we don't believe represent us? In some cases, I sometimes even think that saying something has the ability to make it come true. Maybe this is true. What if there's a connection (part real, part placebo) between saying something and it coming true? Try saying things out loud that you don't believe about yourself, for example, like "I am dead inside" and "I am a closet homosexual" and "I love eating bugs." Or whatever it is that you don't believe about yourself. It creates an interesting tension in yourself... the degree probably being directly proportional to the amount of distance you have from your personality. People who take themselves seriously might have a more difficult time that people who are, actually, dead inside and have been eaten alive by irony and sarcasm already (me?).

I think there's a huge unexplored (or, cheesily explored) realm of our subconscious minds. We know that brainwashing and subliminal messages work, and yet we never try to use them for good. Why not? Wouldn't it make sense to use this powerful training technique to actually change us for the better? How much of our lives are spent trying to train ourselves or change ourselves the HARD way (through conscious effort and motivation) when we have this ticket to the real engine behind the brain? Kids should undergo brainwashing and thought priming (setting up behaviors and beliefs by suggesting them indirectly beforehand) to BE NICE TO EACH OTHER, and to CLEAN THEIR ROOMS. It does sound a little creepy but it seems strange to use the ineffectiveness of standard teaching methods as a safeguard from actually teaching the wrong things. What if it was something that only adults could use, and which they actually bought for themselves (actually, I guess there already are people doing this). In any case, it's interesting to think about. How would YOU would like to brainwash yourself?

Thinking about my subconscious is a weird thing. I keep thinking that if I think hard enough that I'll be able to reach it... but that's silly. There is however a bit of a subconscious lobby of sorts that Freud called the pre-conscious. It houses things like birthdates, the faces of people I know, and memories... they're all there within arm's reach but they aren't constantly present in your thoughts. You can get them by simply asking the secretary of your mind to let them into your office.

Recently I've been experimenting with pushing things into the pre-conscious with little jobs. Like, I tell one part of my mind to "let me know when it sees anything DUCK-related". And then I push it into the MIND LOBBY and wait for my secretary to get back to me. It's funny because I did this prior to the weekend and a couple days later I was in this antique store in Tacoma and I saw a duck on my shelf and suddenly I was notified by the secretary in my mind lobby that THIS WAS A DUCK, as requested. And a few hours later, driving by a park, I yelled "Ducks!" and there they were on a little lake. So we stopped the car and looked at the ducks and they were walking on frozen ice chunks that patched over significant parts of the little lake. What a great ducksperience it was.

The zeitgeist works similarly. It's a bit like the mind lobby telling you to pay more attention to something. Maybe there are different people in the mind lobby and they're all taking (out of the consciousness's hearing) and come up with an idea, or find that there's something that it would like to tell us. Or maybe these are even messages from deeper down in the subconscious... maybe IT can put things in the mind lobby and have the secretary ring you about things that you didn't even ask to be rung about. So you get a couple different pings about something strange, like OLD PEOPLE or SWEDISH MEATBALLS AT IKEA... but you have no idea why. Well, this is a good opportunity to figure something out about yourself... because maybe there's something cool to be found if only you explored and searched around a bit.

All of this is built on the assumption that your mind and the world are on your side. That it's not trying to KILL YOU, in other words. It's an optimistic, even ridiculously so, mindset to have that the entire world including your own mind is conspiring on your behalf. And, after a while, it makes you start believing really weird things... such as the belief that the universe is scheming to put you in contact with DUCKS. And that luck and good fortune are things you can actually rely on, heavily even. And, like a tight feedback loop, this quickly escalates into a rabid mania and PRONOID view of the world and your place in it.

Here's how it might work:

1) Imagine something sort of crazy, like "I have a million dollars".
2) Tell your subconscious to let you know when you are making a million dollars, and anything million-dollar plan related.
3) Watch the zeitgeist... see what things randomly seem to happen by pure coincidence and luck.
4) Run after anything that appears in your zeitgeist.
5) Expect these things to lead to a million dollars and to be fun and good things.
6) Have a million dollars.

Strangely, that's what this guy is doing. He's sort of like me but crazier and more in it to win it. He only sleeps 3 hours a day (30 minutes at a time) and has taken the ideas of the zeitgeist and pronoia and intention manifestation to their ends and is really testing them out. I'm strangely drawn to his ideas... is it a coincidence that I'm researching all of this AND brainwashing techniques at the same time?

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my subconscious is always telling my minds secretary to remind me of things. i just havent found the connection between any of them yet.

i dreamt two nights ago about a little girl with no eyes standing in front of a hole in the ground. that hole in the ground had a very wrathful god in it and i did not want him coming up out of the hole. i woke up and thought nothing more about it. and then i hear about the kid who fell down an elevator shaft last night at lincoln square. my mind immediatly went back to the dream.

I find this to be true all the time, although I tend to use a lot smaller words when thinking about it. I noticed a few years ago that I used to make lists in my paper journal of things that I wanted to accomplish and that by the time I happened to look at the list again, I had already done everything. It also fits it with the whole "fake it 'till you make it" concept.

yeah, a bunch of us always say "make it up and make it happen" but i think "fake it 'til you make it" is closer to what actually happens. the trick here is to find the right ways to place goals into that "do this while i'm not paying attention" lobby. some things work for a while then stop working. also, there's a fine line between putting something on autopilot and completely forgetting about it, which i do sometimes. :)

Dude. This totally works for me and did before I even knew of the word "pronoia." I was just too pessimistic to realize a lot of it before. But, in clearing out my old house last Fall (prepping for the big ol' divorce), I ran across papers and old journals where I made lists of things like: "I wanna make xxx amount of money in one year before I'm 25." And it totally happened. I know that a few years later, I wrote down that I wanted to make some outrageous (but attainable in the techie industry) amount in a year by the time I was 30 which is this May. When I got my W-2 in January, I was shocked to see it inching quite close to that amount. Fakin it totally makes it after a while.

Hi Erik

May I use your 6 steps to re-open a goal on 43 things?


are you having trouble re-opening a goal? what happens when you try to add it again?

Re: Hi Erik

No, no. I'm not having a problem. I want to borrow your words. I'm asking permission. Sorry I wasn't clear.


oh yeah, go ahead!

i am in it to win it, but that's mostly because YOU are stuck in my mind lobby. not a problem, though. actually, it's working in my benefit (obviously). i am starting therapy on thursday, sir.

i like it here in your mind lobby, there are all kinds of weird things going on. and pictures of cute puppies.

what kind of therapy? i was talking to a friend about doing something crazy called Landmark Forum, which, when I look it up turns up on a bunch of scam and cult pages with warnings like "Group pressure techniques and wordplay are used upon you and at least 100 more people in 3 days, during which, proper rest and natural needs are denied from you." sounds awesome eh? it's a weekend workshop in fremont... should i do it?

i dunno, i kind of think my mind lobby is being taken over by oompas. of course, they're the good music sort of oompas, not the kind from chizzo and the chiznicklit factory. you can be king of the oompas, if you'd like.

landmark! why, that's the name of my neighborhood bar! oh but it's also the name of a cult in fremont that takes people's money. ask sami. haha.

i'll be king of the oompas if i can have my own oompa marching band playing my theme song all the time. and i can open a spaghetti burrito confession taxi cam cork socks bridge.

okay, if landmark comes up in one more unrelated context in the next two days, i'll do it.

forever ago when I was going to school in Gainesville, somehow I got invited to somebody's apartment not realizing that it was some kind of recruiting thing for Landmark. I had not heard the cult rumors and didn't know what it was. Though the ideas they talked about (erm, around?) seemed positive enough, the guy pushing people to sign up for it just creeped me out. Big vein popping out in his forehead as he leaned forward to push some more. I don't like pushing or protruding veins, or protruding foreheads, so I was out from the start. Meanwhile, anyone I've heard about who's done it is still "searching" anyway... not unlike just about anything else I've heard about it that's supposed to "change your life." Ironically, the people I know whose lived have "been changed" pretty much either stumbled upon something interesting themselves and went with it, or (wait for it) they changed it themselves. I know, shocker. ;-)

My mental secretary tends to do rather useful things for me that I don't normally expect. Tends to wake me up before I'm horrendously late for morning meetings, for example.

Brainwashing and subliminal messages work, but they only ever tend to push us towards doing things that we'd be otherwise inclined to do. Drinking Coke is easy to suggest, but successfully convincing someone to drink battery acid (even yourself) would be hard. I think that's why those self-affirmation tapes never quite work, even if they are of the subliminal kind... deep down, everyone that buys a self-help book knows that they are screwed up, and these types of simple suggestions cannot push someone to change their natural reactions.

Making some kind of successful change needs to be a multi-pronged attack on the brain, really. Conscious, subconscious, pre-conscious, meta-conscious... need to address it all at once. Don't just buy the tapes. Quit your job, change your name, color your hair, learn how to speak Finnish and start giving your pre-conscious all sorts of weird directives. Overwhelm your mental defenses.

more_bjorn, you have just GRADUATED. :)

From? Can I get a diploma? Save me the effort of doing my exam next week? :)

Well the diploma would require that you return all of those overdue library books. But yeah, you don't have to take that exam. Go to Hawaii instead.

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