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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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another Myers Briggs-like personality test
bird poops on plum branch
I'm a sucker for Myers Briggs-inspired tests... I think I want to make one too. It's the only test that seems to really figure people out. I am an Advocating Inventor (equivalent to ESTP, which is the first time I've tested as an S instead of an N) according to PersonalDNA, which I found because I was exploring another of their sites (Riffs) because it has a lot in common with the site we're working on right now (All Consuming).

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(Deleted comment)
please refer to me as the benevolent leader from now on.

Personal DNA was consistent with my Myers Briggs.

i got:
My Personal Dna Report

ESFP. i've never had that result before. perhaps this is due to moving from NYC to a small island in the past year.

I'm a "generous inventor". Last time I took the Myers Briggs (10+ years ago) I was an INTP. I guess I've become more sensitive.

Cool test interface. Practical and stylish :-)

I got ESFP but I don't believe it because a. I was completely mystifed by those dumb graphs and I'm sure I did them all wrong and b. obviously the fashion questions skew everything! I can't help it if I'm an unnaturally-stylish infp.

That was kind of fun. I'm a Benevolent Leader. I'll take it. Myers Briggs pegged me as, I think, an ENTJ, whereas according to this one I'm ENFP. I do like the self-evaluation after part. I think it is interesting and potentially helpful.

My Personal Dna Report

i create things. benevolently so.

aka... ESFP.

i always used to test ENFP. for years. but this last test felt more accurate than the old yes or no. thank god they finally put a sliding scale in.

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