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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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programmable bunny
bird poops on plum branch

This is pretty funny: Nabaztag, a wifi bunny that can tell you when you have new email, wake you up in the morning, and send messages to other bunnies. They would probably be more fun if friends had them too... anyone want to buy one with me? You have to get them off of some French website. Speaking of the French, do they bathe?

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what do the bunnies talk about? besides carrots.

that bunny is AWESOME!!!

i found this post looking up any new nabaztag info and i see you made this post two days before its somewhat small press push.


ive been actually trying to buy one, but i dont think id be even be able to, since supposedly the first batch has sold out awhile now.

with the new functions they mention (singing and talking. i was comparing speech synthesis, and while i had nothing to complain about before, this is much much better) i dont think its actually a hardware upgrade but more a software thing, so the new updates will be across the board.

more importantly they're launching in the UK so that means there will be a bigger english speaking userbase and hopefully people undercutting each other in price, at least on ebay. and hopefully more international features.

i think they're still pricing it the same (65 pounds/95 euro)

Re: hello random person

oh and from what im seeing on the french sites, the new batch comes out either these last few days of january or the first week of february!

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