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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
I'm craving some new music... any recommendations?

Here's what I've been listening to during the last week:

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Didn't David Hasselhoff come out with a new album recently?

Hmmmm... might need to borrow that one.

How about Caribou, or the one-man group formerly known as Manitoba?

did i ever give you that LAMB music i said i was going to?

no, is it good?

Lamb is awesome, check out Fear of Fours. Also, I am just getting into the new Boards of Canada, you might like that. =)

Did you ever check out Tom Brosseau? I think you might like him.

I saw you listened to Bloc Party once, but it's been in heavy rotation for me. I also got on this weird Simon and Garfunkel kick the other day. Can't stop. I thought the Set Yourself on Fire album by Stars was pretty hot, but I'm currently on burnout.

i just bought the sun kil moon album of modest mouse covers. i'll let you know how it goes. or better yet, i'll just tell you now that i'm going to love it. i love everything mark kozelek / red house painters / sun kil moon. give 'em a try, dude.

ok. which one should i try first?

have you listened to the new animal collective album, feels? it's great.

the one i listen to most is red house painters, Old Ramon -- which starts out with a love song for his cat.

i don't think i've ever listened to animal collective. should i? i remember sami's snobby friend recommended them like 5 years ago, and i guess that's why i've never given them a chance.

I actually learned about them from Bjorn... he took me to see them at Neumo's last year. Liked them live but didn't really like the album... too weird. Their newest one is better, I think. I'm downloading Old Ramon now...

do you like it? his sun kil moon album of modest mouse covers is really really really good.

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