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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
I feel like borrowing Maggie's oldest polaroid camera and taking pictures of everyone I know. Blank faces, blank background, framed.

I feel like becoming a Scientologist. Or a Hare Krishna. I feel like going to AA.

I feel like working with a team of architects that designs and proposes building a bridge made out of cork and foam and which would have gas stations, restaurants, and of course whale watching tours along the way. It would go from Seattle to Japan, and continue on to New Zealand or something. It would kick the monorail's ass... but still have food courts at each stop.

I want to figure out how to eat songs. I want to build a confession booth that lives next to hot dog stands that sit outside clubs and I would listen and record confessions, with the option to have them posted to your blog for a small fee. Repent by eating a hotdog with extra relish!

I want a giant stuffed lion to sit in the corner. And I want a candied apple.

Do you ever feel like you're being pulled in by the gravity of words? Words, like, blue, big, fox, hi, simple, like, good and yes. I think words and ideas are like giant suns and I am a little asteroid that gets tugged in by all of them. I want to stay far away and make little constellations out of them rather than burn my hair falling into them.

I feel like riding a motorcycle and eating an ice cream cone.

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I have strawberry ice cream and ice cream cones. If you had a motorcycle handy you could come over and get some.

This passage was very Doug Coupland.

That was stunningly beautiful.

"I want to figure out how to eat songs." That is pure genius.

...and it's also a little cheesy, ala "sing me a rainbow, paint me a dream"

But I think it's perfectly lovely. Have a nice day.

nice. reminded me of billy collins. i went to a reading with him and garrison keillor monday night. keillor said we need poetry- and the images and emotions it evokes- lest we go through life (something like...) getting dressed, and going to work, and deciding which to order- the soup or the salad. i say this because i think those moments when we are pulled in by the gravity of words, are essentially poetic moments- moments that give us glimpses into the profoundness of the human experience. i love it when i allow myself to be pulled by the gravity of words!

I really agree with the poetry and the word thing... we need these things or else when we go to sleep at night we won't have any good dreams. Who can dream about errands and bills all their life? But some words and ideas can take over your life if you associate with them too closely (especially words that describe personality: liberal, open-minded, active, loyal)... even though they're good words they are simple words that also have drawbacks. Better to be drawn in for a while, and then let them go and move on to other words, I think.

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