bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
Since lele uploaded an old picture from highschool, I thought I'd post this picture from my first year at Berkeley (still in my hippy phase as you might be able to tell):

Yoko sent this to me recently after I hadn't talked to her in probably 10 years. The internet is good for things like that.

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What I'd really like to see is a prom picture!

I was just looking through photo albums the other day and saw a bunch. Maybe I'll take a picture of the picture with my cameraphone...

Hee. Leanne and I just went through her albums. I saw it and more. OMG ERIK, NICE PANTS.

Ah, tiger pants. Or are you talking about the gunny sack?

you're lucky we're about to go out. i am going to scan some winners...

but what if they revoke my vice president of the internet title on account of having awesome pants?

thanks, curly girl. :)

I love these old pictures... too bad I have no idea where any of mine are. :P

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