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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Holy saba vaca, dodgeball.com was bought by Google. Very cool. I love dodgeball. LOVE! I was going to make a version of dodgeball that didn't require you to register a location but just used Yahoo's Local Search web services, but integration with Google's Local Search and Maps is certainly not too far around the corner is it?

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saba? you mean santa vaca! that is very cool. yay for stalkers!

interwebbies are being bought up by all the big wigs left and right. krazy.

No I mean saba vaca. Holy mackerel cow. Yeah, it's strange that all these buyings are happening. Such a small world though... they're all companies/people that are within 1 or 2 degrees of social network from each other. The reason they got bought was because a friend invited them to give a talk at Google...

Unrelated to your post, I was looking at 'Who Links To Me' and I got redirected from one of the entries to this page of yours (can only guess at why), and upon reading who you are, realised that I have used 43 things and I do use AllConsuming (and find it awfully nifty), and then noticed that you butched a Walt Whitman poem I'd never read before. On the basis of all these things and the apparent randomness of stumbling over someone whose web projects I admire, I have friended you :)

(Hi. My name is Louise.)

i just went to the congratulations dens + alex party!

I hate you! Did you find out how much they got?

definitely orange. but in the way that some grapefruits are orange-ish on the inside, you know. if you get pink, i think you'll feel like you're living in a raspberry snowcone with a dash of watermelon. anyway, pink, orange, you're in the right neighborhood.
i referred you to vonage. it is so cool- it could be another notch on your belt so to speak, senor futureboy.
i like your thoughts on house as a lounge. it's a nice idea.
often lounge as a house works out nicely too, because the lounge can't entirely shake itself and it turns out to be just what the house needed.

Hello, this is Rachel, Jenn's friend from Portland. Thanks for a great party on Friday night.

Adding you, if you don't mind!

Hi Rachel! It was great meeting you... and I'm glad you had fun at the party. :) I've added you as well.

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