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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
This is where I live.

This is where I work.

This is how I walk from home to work every morning. Or, from a bit further up.

Google is crazy!

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Have just commented on your other blog about All Consuming, best of luck getting things sorted.

totally going to stalk you now.

I'm all about making life easier for my stalkers. They need a break too, right?

yeah, too bad i already knew everything you divulged .... i graduated past the steps in stalkerdom of needing to know where you live and work. i'm on to the step of trying to obtain keys to both locations. you should give me those if you really want to give me a break.

I just found your site "all consuming" and more specificly the entery of "tired of being tired" that you got from my LJ... I was just wondering what "all consuming" is all about...

for refrence

Crazy with a capital K. but it's just the kind of crazy we need.

Im a googlemaps user and I love it.

If i lived in washington, I would totally stalk you.

(I found you via...allconsuming...which i clicked to from biblioblog...dont know how i got there. Anyway..... awccmfan, thats me. Or cogentdiversion.typepad.com)

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