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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year:

The formula looks like this:

[W + (D-d)] x TQ 
     M x NA

Where the variables are:

  • W = weather
  • D = debt
  • d = monthly salary
  • T = time since Christmas
  • Q = time since failed quit attempt
  • M = low motivational levels
  • NA = the need to take action

And it says:
The formula was devised to help a travel company “analyze when people book holidays and holiday trends,” said Alex Kennedy, spokesperson for Porter Novelli, a London-based PR agency.

It seems that people are most likely to buy a ticket to paradise when they feel like hell.

“People feel bleak when they have nothing planned, but once they book a holiday they have a goal, they work toward having time off and a relaxing period,” Kennedy said.

I bought mine to Brazil. And I'm also planning a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway. Either that or smuggling myself into North Korea in a gunny sack.

My morale? Low but what's new.

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Oh good, I'm not the only one who wants to slit their wrists today.

welcome back, cupcake.

haha. thanks for the cheery welcome.

Yeah... this day is just weird. I think I'm getting over my SAD, but on the other hand, it's really, really eerie that it's so warm outside when there's two feet of snow in Massachusetts. My body clock is still off, and now I don't even know what month it is anymore!

I wish I could come with y'all to Brazil. Lucky bastard... only guy in a house full of women, right?

Yes, it is a weird day indeed. I found myself cursing out loud at the sidewalk for being bumpy at one point, but luckily I was by myself. Yup about Brazil, and there's an outdoor shower. Haha.

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