bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
Thanks to Ivan, mizrobot, and lalamaus, I got all of my belongings to the new place in two car loads. Here's proof. I should've taken pictures during the day, and not with my camera phone, but oh well.

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holey moley, that's CLEAN!

(and i'm not just talking about that sparkling white fan, although that's the most impressive part, of course) ;)

don't call the tree hazel. i was wrong. her name is rosie. rosie is a much better name for a tree, anyway.

Rosie is a very lucky ficus. Rosie was almost abandoned outside for the night but luckily my amazing powers of memory and recall saved the day.

Congrats!! The place looks amazing! I'm totally jealous.

Thanks! I'm having a loft-warming party in December if you want to come visit. I'm taking advice from Leanne on how to throw a party because I don't know how.

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