bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
I'm moving out of my apartment 4 months early due to my recent loft purchase... and I need to find someone to take it.

Here's my craigslist post:

You want it? I move out November 15th or so.

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i'm actually rethinking my condo purchasing strategy now...

i'm thinking to rent for a little while (to get me back on the west side sooner at least) and look more aggresively to purchase a place during that time.

I'm only able to spend $550 a month on rent though for the time being... that could've worked out :(

you forgot to mention the squeaky floorboard!!!

Your old place looks neat. I liked the wierd built-in nook booth.

i saw this post via xaotica's journal. the apartment is adorable but i'm not in the market for one.

i am, however, in the market for a red couch. when do you plan on selling it?

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