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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Here's a boring question:

Anyone know anything about home owner's insurance for condos? I tried to get an estimate from GEICO, my auto insurance company, and they said they couldn't help me because my loft is too close to "the coast". What? Can anyone recommend another insurance company?

By the way, had the inspection yesterday and everything looked good (they were most excited about a gas line that the drier used and which could be used in a gas stove... not sure why that's so exciting though). In more important news, my cell phone had perfect coverage and there were 4 open wireless networks available from inside the loft. And of course the roof deck is still awesome.

Also: "The heart and mediastinal structures are normal in size. The lungs are clear. There appears to be a very slight spinal curvature convex to the left. Opinion: clear chest." No lung cancer yet.

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that's weird. it must be because of all the tsunamis we get here. what about allstate? they have a lot of commercials.

gas stoves cook better but you probably don't care.

congratulations on not dying yet.

Yeah, if I were them I'd be more worried about that viaduct. I was looking at the viaduct yesterday and saw that a little corner had been cut out of it in order to not run into the building. So there's about 3 inches of clearance... but the inspection people said that it'd most likely take out the floor below me and as long as I held on tight I'd probably be pretty well off from the earthquake insurance. I feel much better now.

I looked up renter's insurance at Washington Mutual, dunno about homeowner's insurance.

sounds GREAT!

(Deleted comment)
I did. She recommended someone from Allstate too. So it looks like that's what wins the vote and therefore my measly dollars.

I'd try Allstate, I have my renters through them.

Allstate wins. Only $106/year.

I wonder what size my mediastinal structures are. I trust my body the same way I trust my car or an airplane. I just do the basic maintenance and pray that the rest of the stuff I have no idea even exists just keeps doing what it's doing. Good work, body. Good job, car.

I think mine's totalled.

Erik have you read Mr. Wind-Up Bird's story yet?

Nope, not yet. I'm supposed to aren't I? I'll drop by half-price bookios and steal me a copy. I'm trying to read the Brothers K at the moment... and failing, at no fault of the book.

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