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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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3 years ago, or, the beginnings of a ridiculous crush extravaganza
bird poops on plum branch
Riches beyond comprehension:

Riches beyond comprehension

On an anniversary, I like to reflect on the past and try to re-tell the stories that we tell all the time.  Stories are like memories, being re-written with each telling, but they also hold lots of interesting and vital bits that we don't access very frequently.  How things began.  How the character of a relationship crystalized.  How, once, the future hadn't yet been written, but were merely hopes and expectations.  

Three years ago tonight I convinced a dude in camo that Kellianne was flirting with that there was no room in the cab back to their hotel.  And so he left and the rest of us got in and we took a lot of pictures in that cab (which Rick and Rachel were also in) and almost got thrown out of the cab because of the flash.

Then we had a crazy time in the hotel room, drinking little bottles from the mini bar, I took a lot of pictures of Kellianne and Rachel making out which somehow never made it to the internet, we spilled Pringles everywhere, and then Rick started playing all the "S" songs in his library and Kellianne and I made out and snugged in the couch bed.  At 8 in the morning I had to be at the Crocodile to host McLeod's "I Heart Crafts" table so I left early and sent Kellianne a Flickr message a couple days later titled "other things... etc..." that said,

Wow, what a surprise and a delight this weekend was for me, because of you. You are my new favorite. Is it ridiculous of me to suggest that we invent a crazy distance-spanning crush extravaganza out of this? I know we both just need one more thing to keep our lives full and interesting, right? Whatever comes of it, I'm forever grateful for your beautiful visit. Times a thousand.


She replied,
Crazy distance-spanning crush extravaganza? Ridiculous and Yes and Please.

I am blushing and short of words. Unusual on both ends. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also included were are phone numbers and email addresses, and I think we started with haiku emails, her first one being "Twelve degree shivers. / My local. Leads from Broadway. / Thinking: B McLeod" (which she wrote from her local bar in the cold of winter with the advise of her favorite bartender, James), then moved to haiku text messages, then longer life-story epic emails, one of hers from March 15th, 2007 ending "I challenge us to overcome 3000 miles of seperation and begin to learn the stories that led us here. I'm pretty sure it'll all be extra-special-awesome." and finally many long phone calls that started just a little before SXSW.  

We were both so conscious of the amazing connection we had, even in those first moments of contact.  It's not even weird to think about now, because the same energy and excitement continues to be in our relationship to this day.  We are always happy to see each other when we wake up.  Three years in, the relationship isn't a spectacle to anyone but ourselves, but it's quite a spectacle to us and our shared narrative of our lives that we tell each other in the mornings and after work and when we go on walks and eat food and do those kinds of things.  

Happy 3 year hooking-up-iversary, Kellianne!

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WOW, only three years? It seems like you two have already a lifetime of experiences together! Here's to the next chapter!

so cute! also i love that s was the music of your initial connection b/c s is really important to me too due to one of my oldest most important friend's involvement with some of the albums and recordings (as actual recorder person as well as musician) and friendship with jenn. also i just love s!

Aw! "hooking-up-iversary," I love it! :)

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What a great resource!

Love your site man keep up the good work

Wow It is really need to google you and end up here, reading thoughts and feelings from what I still consider to be the beginning of our crush extravaganza. It's now been 9 years since that night I rolled around on the floor in a pile of money and you ran around the block trying to sober up so you could make a move.

I'm so glad all of that happened.

I love you, and I love our life.

I believe I would have texted you something of this nature about 9 years ago today: "<3<3<3 x's 1,000,000 whales singing a gorgeous song that resonates through the depth of the ocean. Forevercore. Yours."

I still feel that way. I really do.

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