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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Long live Livejournal
bird poops on plum branch
In case Facebook and Twitter weren't poaching enough of our writing activity from Livejournal, now even Tumblr has passed Livejournal in traffic:

Livejournal vs Tumblr

People are writing less, people are commenting less (at least, FINALLY, Tumblr has created a very limited, opt-in, version of commenting that they've decided to call the "replies" for some reason even though it is really the same thing.  I guess they're just really against the word comments and not the actual feature, who knew.  Not that I'm complaining, cause I love comments.

Anyway, so yeah it's the end of the world, all the long-form diary writing industries are going to collapse and there will be a decades-long media frenzy/debacle as all the execs try to swim against the stream and keep their high-paying jobs and private jets that long-form diary entries with threaded comments and flexible permissioning has allowed them to sort of get used to over the last however long.  I bet there will be at least a couple good movies about it.  It's going to be messy and it's going to be ugly.  The worst will be brought out of some. 

Please try to maintain dignity, though.  In the end, the future is an unstoppable fuzzy steamroller that will turn us all into chocolate pancakes and we may as well prepare the syrup.  Here I am.  Let's hold each other and pray.

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Yeah but you died in a car crash this morning so your vote doesn't count. By the way... that's crazy!

I refuse to give up LJ too. It's still the best site on the internet in my opinion!

oh yeah my opinion doesn't matter because i'm dead.

actually i almost died from the smell on the 49 bus on the way home tonight. eww

(Deleted comment)
Same here. I rarely log into Facebook and when I do, the most active people are people I barely know. Meanwhile I have a strong core of close friends who post a few times a week over here. Plus, I really keep my lj locked down to friends-only. I had a stalker at one point so I keep a serious dividing line between LJ (where I can post anything I'd like) and fully open sites, where I have to be more guarded. I'm not comfortable with Facebook's privacy settings, so I just don't post things there.

Viva El Jay!

viva LJ! I'm convinced tumbler will repost itself into an oblivion (and probably take the human race along with it)

(Deleted comment)
I refuse to leave LJ as well. I only use this and Facebook now. I got sick of Twitter awhile back and don't have a Tumblr. Take that Tumblr!

I was *just* talking about this with Alice last night. Through all the social networking hooopla, LJ has been the only one that keeps me coming back, and it's the only one that provides deep and meaningful interaction. Every time I look at my archive and realize how many years I've been on this thing, I'm surprised. I view all that other crap as fads. Those of us who are on LJ are very loyal and devoted, and even if we don't comment or post as often, everyone I've spoken to *still* comes here every day. Yeah, it's oldschool, but LJ FOREVER!

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