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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Feeling productive again
bird poops on plum branch
Self-promotion makes me feel uncomfortable, and to me that's a sign of a healthy relationship with self-promotion.  But then again I'm a sucker for experiments and metrics.  Hence, this morning, asking my Twitter followers to re-tweet a link to 750 Words, which I would like to see grow a little.  I got 8 or so RTs, which, if I add up all of the followers (not counting duplicates) ends up meaning (542+133+70+242+341+220+423+6,603+210=) 8,784 people have a chance to see the link.  It's only been 2 hours since I posted, so there may be more activity later, but I like the idea of seeing how links spread in my social network.  For example, who has more influence, someone with a lot of followers or someone with few followers?  On one hand, someone with a lot of followers will get the link out to a wider group of people, but they'll be more loosely connected.  Someone with fewer followers is probably closer friends with a larger percent of their followers.  Okay, I guess it's all pretty nerdy.

Now, not only is Facebook stealing people from Livejournal, but now Tumblr is too.  Except I don't really like to write posts there because only a fraction of my friends who I'd want to read stuff are on there.  Reposting and commenting on other peoples things, and blindly favoriting stuff, and browsing pretty pictures, all that it's pretty good for.

PS.  My unproductive spell that lasted pretty much since around Halloween is, I think, officially over.  I'm back to my happy productive self.  For a week now I've been stirring ideas and itching to work on the twin suns of my work and hobby projects.  I think it helps that both 750 Words and my work project have so much in common, despite being in entirely different markets.  The former is fun and meditative, the latter is a tool to help businesses become more efficient.  But they both deal with websites that visually simple, working with text, numbers, and data analysis, and are using my favorite new technology: jQuery (which, unless you're a nerd and happen to know, is a javascript library that makes it easy to do pretty much all of the really advanced javascript work that the newest and nicest websites of the day use).  It's getting to the point that even a creative writing monkey like myself and build complex, scalable, novel websites for a few bucks a month.  It's a strange world to be in.

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(Deleted comment)
I've heard of Daniel Pink but not that new book. It does sound interesting. Can you give me a quick summary of his general thesis?

(Deleted comment)
Interesting. My theory is that we are all driven by approval. As we gain approval through life, we strive to climb the approval ladder to get it from more and more challenging sources. Or we find an equilibrium that works for us. Do you live in Seattle? Did I miss the talk already? Would've liked to have seen it.

do you not see retweets that are retweeted using twitter's retweet button?

Hm... I don't think I do see any RTs (by design) that are for for tweets I've made myself. Unless I'm mistaken? Is there any way to get this info from Twitter?

I don't know. I just noticed that your follower count didn't include my RT (done with twitter's native functionality).

The permalink to that tweet (http://twitter.com/busterbenson/status/7677684758) says that it was RTed by me and 6 others.

Edited at 2010-01-13 12:23 am (UTC)

Hm... I see that now. But it doesn't do my experiment any good if I don't know who they are...

I really like Tumblr a lot, but I can't imagine posting anything at all in Facebook. I hardly ever even look at it, let alone type anything into those notes.

True, though my imported Enjoymentland posts on Facebook often get more comments there than on the blog. So it looks like a lot of people ARE using (or at least viewing) the notes there.

I re-tweeted!

Who has 6k followers????

Glad work is flowin' and feeling good again!

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