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Health Month 2010, day 1
bird poops on plum branch
I'm in a bad mood and am angry at Health Month already for taking away my coffee.

I weigh 174.2 lbs.

I'm cold.

I better go on a walk and drink something warm or something cause I can already tell where this day is going.  Downhill.

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aw! this entry is cute. I just had my tender reunion with coffee today, about five days after stomach flu made it impossible. I thought about not resuming it since I'd already done the withdrawal suffering, but it is just too bleak and gray here.

does health month allow you to take some ibuprofen for caffeine-withdrawal-pains?

I could, but my caffeine withdrawals are pretty unsolvable with ibuprofen. I just get depressed rather than headachey. Fish oil and vitamin D are probably better combatants.

What will power. The only way I could quit coffee for a month would be through external circumstances dictating that there was no other choice- like a trip to Outer Mongolia or something.

That's not true, you could quit for a month no problem if you decided to. I've been drinking a lot of French press lately and have been going a little crazy with my coffee addiction... I've done this enough times to know that resetting my caffeine button will be more enjoyable in the long run, and keep my tolerance at a level that doesn't require me to drink 3 pots a day in order to have my first thought.

I just saw your beautiful wife for the first time in forever. It was happy.

ha on the coffee. it's been...2 & 1/2 years...for me. & there are mornings where i really, really miss it. & all my co-workers keep taunting me with "would you like anything from starbucks?" across the street...

we weigh about the same. how tall are you?

you've got me by an inch or so...

it's been amazing to me, over the years, what an additional 10lbs looks like, stretched out over an extra inch...

That, and I'd really rather be either more fit or about 15 lbs lighter. :)

I hear ya. This weight at our respective heights...if about 20-30 of that was pure muscle...wouldn't look bad. But I would equally settle for scrawny at about 155-160.

175 at 6'1? skinny! ;)
Good luck with the caffeine withdrawal, that is painful.

I am taking part in health month. I decided it already and then saw your post. I had to quit drinking coffee a year and a half ago and now it seems like a weird, expensive habit to have. (I can say that because I had to quit drinking it because it makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. Scariness helps with quitting stuff.) But SOLIDARITY!!

unrelated, book review from a professor on mine that touches on a topic you've discussed from time to time in the past:

I hope you're feeling better. I definitely am glad I kicked coffee a couple months earlier.

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