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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Review of 8:36pm in 2009
bird poops on plum branch
I am not sure why I did this, but I went through every single 8:36pm post from the last year and noted where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. It took pretty much all day yesterday.

Now, today, I don't know what to do with this data. I guess I'll just post it all!

Top 10 places I found myself at 8:36pm:
  1. Home (120 times)
  2. Outside (17 times)
  3. Vain Office (15 times)
  4. Tavolata (13 times)
  5. Kushibar (7 times)
  6. Bathtub Gin (7 times)
  7. La Carta De Oaxaca (6 times)
  8. Black Bottle (6 times)
  9. Kellianne's parents' house (5 times)
  10. Oddfellows (5 times)
Top 10 things I was doing at 8:36pm
  1. Eating out (85 times)
  2. Drinking (30 times)
  3. Working (29 times)
  4. Hanging out (26 times)
  5. Watching a movie (20 times)
  6. On the computer (16 times)
  7. Walking (14 times)
  8. Eating in (13 times)
  9. At a party (12 times)
  10. Reading (12 times)
 20 people I was with the most often at 8:36pm
  1. Kellianne (219 times)
  2. Carinna (40 times)
  3. Megan (31 times)
  4. Chris Jones (23 times)
  5. Ingo (18 times)
  6. Andy (18 times)
  7. Hannah (16 times)
  8. Katie (12 times)
  9. Josh Bis (10 times)
  10. Rick Webb (9 times)
  11. Samantha (9 times)
  12. Asa (9 times)
  13. Russell (9 times)
  14. Charlotte (8 times)
  15. Lia (8 times)
  16. Matt Hodge (8 times)
  17. Kindra (8 times)
  18. Brandon (6 times)
  19. Mike Prevette (6 times)
  20. Kellianne's mom (5 times)
Some other interesting things that jump out.

I'm surprised that Katie and Rick Webb are both in the top 10 for people, considering that they both live on the East Coast.  Pretty awesome.

When I'm outside at 8:36pm, 14 times I was walking, 1 time I was BBQing, 1 time I was drinking, and 1 time I was waiting for a bus.

The most frequented places for eating out were Tavolata (13), La Carta De Oaxaca (6), Kushibar (6), and Black Bottle (6).  But the most frequented places for drinking were Bathtub Bin (7 times), Rendezvous (3 times), Del Rey (2 times) and Shorty's (2 times).

When I was just hanging out, I was at home most often (20), then at Bedlam (2 times), Vain (2 times), and at Rick Webb's SF apartment (1) or Misha NYC apartment (1).

All 12 times I was at a party I was at a different house or venue.

There were 3 dinner parties at Carinna's house, 2 at my house, and 1 each at Ingo's parents', the Madsens', Heath's, Kindra's, the Summerquists', the Dickers'.  Way to distribute the dinner parties, friends!

And it's really interesting to see where I happen to be most often with each of my friends.  With Kellianne, it's at home, with Carinna and Josh it's at Cafe Presse, with Chris Jones it's at Shorty's, with Megan, Ingo, Andy and Asa it's at my house, with Samantha and Brandon it's at Volunteer Park, with Russell and Lia it's at the Waterfront Grill, with Jana it's at the Egyptian etc.

To check out all of the data, click here: