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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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New idea: Big Checkin
bird poops on plum branch
So I have this new idea that's something I can work on in my spare time. The idea is to make it easier and more interesting to do those end-of-year "this is what happened in the past year" checkin sorta reflections. And, to turn it into a longitudinal study, something that people can return to every year to compare, reflect, and add on to.

Particularly useful this year as it's the end of a decade as well. It might be interesting to reflect on the whole decade to see what progress we've made, what setbacks we've had, what friends and family were the most meaningful, etc. Secondarily interesting to capture thoughts on big general topics like politics, love, family, career, and recreation. Thirdly potentially interesting to compare your own general place in the world with everyone else in the world, or just people your age, or your friends.

I like the idea of having a place to capture the long arc of life, the big picture.

I got the idea when thinking about Kellianne and my first episode of the "holiday newsletter".

Anyone else also interested in this idea and want to help me brainstorm it out? I don't have much time, but I also don't think it's a huge project.

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One of my 43things friends has a similar idea...


I rarely keep track of where I've been. I have boxes and boxes of notebooks dating back to high school and now tons of posts on the internet, but I rarely go back and look at anything. I'll go through the pictures to find a good palm tree to use in a project for work, but I rarely read old posts. They feel like someone else wrote them...

Might of interest... read this on the plane a few days ago:


I imagine Gelernter would say "Just have an app that can perform a 'best of' on top of your lifestream".

Just ran into this too:


I love this idea! It should also include your favorite pictures of the year and trips and burning questions you've been investigating and also have some of the same questions as trackyourhappiness. I don't know how to make internetty things, but I am good at writing questions. I can help with that if you want!

Yes I can definitely use your help! I started making a list of questions and will send them to you for review! Also, I'm meeting with Michael next week... you should come too! We'll make it pre-teacher bedtime.

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