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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Lazy LJ: social winter gym attendance game
bird poops on plum branch
I wish there was a social game that involved going to the gym during the dark winter evenings. I know joshc thinks the Gym Rat badge on foursquare is the lamest thing in the world, even beating Love, Actually and 20 questions games where the answer is a spontaneously invented object, but so far that's about as close to social winter gym attendance game as it gets.


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I wish there was a social game that involved going to the gym during the dark winter evenings.

Dodgeball, maybe? :)

I guess as a married man it's hard for you to develop a crush on your gym instructor, which has been what's getting me to the gym lately.

What about finding an exercise partner? Maybe there should be a gym partner finder -- like a dating site for exercise companions. You'd have to build in some controls to make it non-sketchy, but I think that's possible.

I hate it the most if the gym rat badge requires going to a bunch of different gyms. I have nothing against butteryachts, in particular.

Carinna and I were talking about starting a new gym. Didn't we talk to you about this? There would be a dance floor, air hockey, mini golf, Battleship... anything really, but whatever you do, you do it to the MAX! And Josh only thinks butter yachts are lame because his shoes were probably warm when he tried to ride one.

As for your actual game, there should be points for what you actually do at the gym, not just for going. There's this group of early post-high school guys that go and just sit around and chat on the various pieces of equipment. They should not get as many points as the people who are actually sweating.

what about being mayor?


(btw you can repeat venues to get gym rat. the requirement is 10x checkins to venue tagged 'gym' in 30 days)

A twitteracquaintance of mine runs this site:
kind of like a social gym attendance game. I tried it a while ago but the forms were a little too form-y for me, maybe it's been simplified a bit.

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