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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Clues about the thing we weren't talking about until now
bird poops on plum branch
Looking for a bigger house:

Non-alcoholic beer:


Feeling woozy at various place:


"Talking about the thing I'm not talking about"

"Trying to figure out what to do about the fact that all I want to do is nest."

Yup, it's no big secret if you're paying attention to the random occasional titles of your friends' flickr photos and comments for the last 8 or so weeks.  :)  For those who figured out that Kellianne is indeed pregnant again (YAY!), thank you for letting us keep the story out of the official narrative of our lives until we felt safe enough to make it public.  Luckily, that day was yesterday, as yesterday was Kellianne's official first day of the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy and chances of things going smoothly are apparently magically altered in our favor.  Bad things can still happen, but bad things can always still happen, it's just that now the bad things would be as likely to happen as all other bad things are likely, and therefore we can't live our lives in a constant state of worry. 

We have of course been thinking about what all of this means to us and our future, and in my case I like to compensate for the unknown by reading lots of books and researching a lot of random, conflicting, statistics on the internet.  We've taken on pseudonyms and have started a maybe too verbose report of our spring into parenthood here:

Zero to baby (rss feed) (livejournal syndicated feed so entries show up on your LJ friends page)

Of course, this may all be of no interest to those who are not thinking about and/or procreating anytime in the near future, and I apologize in advance for putting a picture of a baby up as my profile picture on Facebook, diluting my LJ, Flickr, and Twitter streams with random nonsense about the brain development of little humans, pseudo-science, and controversial parenting techniques, and generally falling off the social wagon for a while.  You have been warned and might as well unfriend me now if this unnerves you.  Cause I'm totally into this new chapter of adventure, and it's gonna be awesome.

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(Deleted comment)

Well, if you have any links to good narratives that you've followed in the past, I'd love to hear about them.

(Deleted comment)
My other comment disappeared somehow, weird.

Yeah, I've been looking for male-perspective accounts and have only found one or two. I gotta represent for the silent (on the topic of pregnancy and parenthood) gender. :)

(Deleted comment)
I'm reading about 6 books simultaneously and trying to avoid starting any more until I finish some of those. My favorite is "What's Going On In There" as it goes into a lot of the science of brain development during pregnancy up til about 5 years old. Totally awesome.

(Deleted comment)
Hey congrats! I'm doing most of my pregnancy/pre-parenting musing on my private blog (do you have a login? you should!) but some of it makes it over to Offbeat Mama.

I've got OffbeatMama in my pregnancy rss folder! And I do have a login to your private blog... I neglect to stay up to date cause I can't get an RSS feed for it--is there a trick you know of for that? I'm gonna go catch up right now... exciting!

You can subscribe to receive email notifications (tinyurl.com/elish-subs) and then if you use bloglines the notifications can be sent to your feeds. If you use Google Reader, however, it's email only.

hey buster, best of luck to you both.

Yaaaaay! You're going to be a daddy :D

Yayyyy! Congrats to you both/three!

Awesome awesome awesome!

Congrats to you both!

I was actually wondering last week if KA was pregnant...maybe it was the boobs pic? Or there must be some weird maternal recognition thing going on. So if she's 12 weeks, does that mean that she's due in mid-May-ish?! How exciting!

I have 4 weeks left...pregnancy is so phenomenal. Hope you guys are enjoying the hell out of it!!!!

♥ times a million. congrats. xxxo

So excited to be an Auntie!!!! Congrats to you both :)

congrats, buster! that´s great news! i am so excited about babymaking when we get back that i already have my blog. harbingerofbirth on blogger ,oh yeah! i´ll add zero to baby to my lj feed. xo

Hell yeah! Congratulations!

I thought that sounded like a lot of baby chatter on Flickr! And thus my first intentional trip to LJ in possibly over a year, because I figured the story would be here.

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!

Thanks, Liene! So you're in Portland now? Why have you forsaken the LJ? :)

Yep; it'll be two years here in January. I sort of intentionally crash-landed here after moving back from France (+ Massachusetts) -- my sister offered a rent-free room if I wanted a new chapter. Which I did. I'm working for a German car rental broker (I am the only employee who works in this country, and the only one who doesn't speak German -- though I get to use my French) out of Nedspace. Love being in a coworking environment.

And the LJ mostly just fell by the wayside -- got too busy with other things, fell into new communities. Occasionally, lately, I keep thinking I might take it up again. We'll see. :)

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