bird poops on plum branch


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Help us raise money for highschool kids...
bird poops on plum branch
We're trying to raise some money to give to tarvie's high school class for field trips to colleges, pay college application fees (even the reduced fees are too much for them), and pay SAT tutors, among other college-preppy things.

About 8 of us are running together and will be doing a bunch of ridiculous things during the 13.1 mile half-marathon in 24 days.  It's gonna be lots of fun and if you could support us by donating $5/$10/$100/your kidney to rally us, that would be awesome!

Rendezvous is one of our official sponsors so far, and someone will be wearing an animal costume.

Learn more and donate here!

At least watch the video, that's pretty funny.

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I def LOL'd at the video:)

good luck!

and i'll be joining everyone in seattle permanently in november woo hoo!

I heard! That's very cool!

this is such a great idea.

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