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My goals right now...
bird poops on plum branch
My nebulous confused what do I do now phase is slowly spinning into something of a plan. Mostly in the form that all of this began a few years ago... a maintained list of goals that I try to make progress on while continuing to revisit to make sure that each of the goals is something I still want to do. This process is pretty much the only process that really seems to work for me.

My current list of goals is:

  • Have a baby
  • Start a fruit and vegetable garden
  • Run a half-marathon for charity
  • Make a top 100 iPhone app
  • Write a Facebook app
  • Build a better photobooth
  • Go camping this summer
  • Do the "Eat Local Challenge" for 30 days
  • Get out of credit card debt
  • Do 100 pushups
  • Write a manifesto
  • Organize an exciting activity this summer for my friends
I guess that's all I've got right now.  I don't like being sick.  One down one down.  And so I wait until the morale market recovers a bit so I can get to work on these things.

What are your goals right now?

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Regarding "exciting activity for friends," I did this with Alice, Spencer and Matt several years ago and we had a BLAST and it was a really cute, secluded place and there was horseback riding:

I've had a lot of downtime lately -- my work is pretty cyclical and right now's a bald patch... I did taxes, cleaned the house and then went "Now what?" ...I'm also feeling a little low in the morale department, so I've been softly pushing myself to accomplish little things with my time off. I can't quite get myself to do French grammar homework, but I can plop myself in front of the TV and watch a documentary in French and that's... something...

A manifesto eh? Interesting.
I think you should eat local in the winter. It's a cop-out eating local in the summer, or any time of the year if you live in northern CA.

It's so easy and awesome. Not to rub it in. Avocado are 2/$1 at the Mexican market.

New Yorkers are not allowed to be self-righteous about taking public transit, NoCal'ers can't talk about eating local. Jerks.

Goals...For 2009. (Not to be confused as resolutions...)

- Get promoted to Brand Manager.
- Get my green card.
- Help H find a job in the Burg or find myself a job in Sydney.
- Lose 5 lbs of fat, gain 5 lbs of muscle.
- Visit a country I haven't visited yet.
- Grow an herb garden from seed.
- Find volunteer opportunity that lets me work with kids.
- Save at least 10% of my income this year.

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