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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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rock and roll half-marathon
bird poops on plum branch
Chris Jones, Sean Lowry, Brandon Madsen, Megan Welling, Paco, and possibly Tara the bartender at Rob Roy have all committed to running this Rock & Roll half-marathon on June 27th.

Rock & Roll Seattle: A Running Nirvana (yes, that's really the name)

The thought is to get sponsors from local bars, and we can raise money for kids who can't drink or something, and we'd do shots at miles 4, 8, and 13.1 (though some plan on doing the old shot to the side that looks real for the camera), and generally have some fun doing something that our heavy-drinking demographic generally doesn't do (i.e. run half marathons).

I think we could raise a lot of money for some cause, but what should the cause be?  And who else wants to run with us, help supply shots at mile markers, build the website, celebrate at the finish line, etc?

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What about that rock and roll girls camp?

I'm glad it's not a shot every mile. I mean, I would have done it, if that was the rule, but I feel like the new plan will promote greater success. And what about costumes?

I think maybe we can work in our sponsorships to be like X dollars for every mile run, Y dollars for every shot. So over achievers can drink more if they want. Maybe X dollars or cents for every minute under 3 hrs that we run. Or whatever we decide.

And yes, definitely costumes! Chris Jones has some crazy ideas of short shorts and hats I think.

I'm there for the running and the costumes, but not for the drink. Although I could fake it.

Awesome! You'll probably beat us all.

I'll help supply shots at mile markers!

You could donate to my AVID class, since the district has basically outlawed every kind of fundraising that we want to do. The money would go towards paying for SAT test prep (with Charlotte's organization), college field trips, and helping my poor kids buy class sweatshirts. . . (you can say no and my feelings won't be hurt)

Or rock and roll girls camp, which would fit the theme. Or the United Way, which supports lots of GREAT organizations, and is community-focused. Or the Lambert House, the Gay/Bi/Transsexual teen support place where my friend Michael volunteers, or the Ruth Dykeman Center, where all of the foster kids who go to Highline live. . .

Yeah, let's donate to your AVID class! Could we get any of them interested in running a half-marathon as our mascot?

Well, track just started and they're all challenging each other to run-offs, but I don't know about the whole taking shots at mile markers in front of my students thing. . . I might get fired, which would defeat the purpose of donating to them.

I really want to run the the 1/2 version of the rock & roll, but it's so expensive. So let me know if you need someone to poor shots, i could supply some infused vodka. :)

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