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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Weekly Review VIII Feb 23rd - Mar 1st
bird poops on plum branch
  • Weight: 160.2 (up a couple pounds)
  • Morale: 8 (down one)
  • Stress: 8 (same as last week)
  • Go to yoga at least twice: Yup, went Tuesday and Thursday
  • Do 100 Pushup Challenge: Nope... maybe I should remove this... my wrist is not liking pushups these days
  • Add to Friendsheet: Nope
  • Work on Friendlington: Nope
  • Stick to financial budget: Yeah, more or less.
  • Participate in a healthy potluck: I'm counting my cooking class as a healthy potluck, since we had 6 groups of 2 making different dishes which we all shared at the end.
  • Read: Reading a lot about pregnancy
  • Change name: We were going to do this on Friday, but then got too busy... we'll try again after Florida
  • Stay off Internet: Nope... way too much Internet, don't know what to do about that
  • Work on McLeod: Yeah, negotiations continued
  • Write daily on Enjoymentland: I actually lost some momentum this week.  Tried to work on Locavore detail page but had trouble finding the right words
  • Work on Locavore: Yup, got more integration with Get Satisfaction, removed a couple unstable features, resubmitted to app store
  • Zero hangovers: Had one yesterday after Kindra's wedding
  • Cook a new meal: Cooked a broccoli orecchiette for Kellianne, and a clam chowder at the cooking class
  • Do meaningful work: Yeah, Locavore is my new life calling.
  • Work on wedding album: I started, but stalled when the software slowed to a crawl